Internet & data transmission

All prices are in EUR, excluding VAT.
Prices for monthly, semi-annual and annual periods are in a fixed (long-term) monthly cycle.
Pay-per-use pricing is billed on an hourly basis.

Internet & data transmissionHourlyMonthlyHalf yearYearComments
Internet transmission inper GByte0,00000,00000,00000,0000-
Internet transmission outper GByte0,00640,00640,00640,0064-
Transmission within a cloudper GByte0,00000,00000,00000,0000within a single project
Transmission within a cloudper GByte0,00640,00640,00640,0064between different projects
VPN trafficper GByte0,00640,00640,00640,0064-
Data Transmission price list WAW3-2

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