• All prices are in EUR, excluding VAT.
  • Prices for a month, half-year, and year are prices for fixed-term billing.
  • Fixed-term prices are for one calendar month starting on the first day of the contract.
  • The price for a month should be paid upfront unless stated otherwise in the contract.
  • Hourly prices are used in "Pay-as-you-use" billing modes.
  • Billing for "Pay-as-you-use" modes is accurate to one second.
  • You can purchase a credit to be used to keep your system’s resources. Billing units, for the sake of the Price List, are 1 Euro each.
  • Approximately every 15 minutes, the tenant's credit is decreased by the cost of actually used resources.
  • If you use Pay as you Go billing, the exact amount you have to pay for one month should be available at the end of the billing period, usually one month. The amount should be paid according to the contract.

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