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We are a provider of cloud computing OCRE, NoR and other projects

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We offer a variety of financing options. In particular, we are a provider of cloud computing services in OCRE and NoR projects. We cooperate in projects financed by external funds: H2020, Horizon Europe, European Commission projects, business accelerators, ESA, NCBiR, PARP, and others.

In addition to financing options, we use effective cost models that promote long-term cooperation and ensure fully predictable budgeting. For large projects, we adjust budget models to the project requirements. Our price list is competitive with the solutions of the largest global suppliers.

Cloud computing services for free thanks to OCRE

Members of the scientific community can use cloud computing services for free on the CREODIAS platform. CloudFerro, the platform operator, is the official service provider for the OCRE project for all European countries.

OCRE - Open Clouds for Research Environments

About project

The OCRE project is part of the European Commission initiative - European Open Science Cloud. OCRE aims to increase the use of cloud services by the European research community by connecting cloud providers to the research and education community. Thanks to funds from the European Commission, OCRE offers financing for research and scientific projects in the form of service credits, which can be used by 10,000 organizations implementing their projects based on cloud solutions. OCRE's overall budget is EUR 9.5 million, including EUR 5 million for cloud computing services and EUR 4.5 million for Earth observation (EO) services.

Members of the Research Community can now benefit from infrastructure-cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and the adoption of digital Earth Observation (EO) services in scientific and research projects. In particular, OCRE can cover cloud computing services offered on the CREODIAS platform, and in addition, specific services of Earth Observation

CloudFerro as a qualified provider of cloud infrastructure is on the OCRE list in the category "Cloud providers for OCRE".

Visit OCRE's dedicated website for more information about our OCRE services.

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Learn how to receive cloud computing funding under OCRE and NoR.
Watch the CREO4Science webinar.

CREO4Science - use cases and funding opportunities

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NoR - Network
of Resources

NoR is an initiative of the European Space Agency promoting the uptake of European resources and cloud platforms use to facilitate access to Euro Data Cube data and their efficient use.NoR offers projects' financing for cloud computing and EO data users which requires implementation of such services as: "Resource and Platform Tier Services" - Infrastructure as a Service, Data as a Service, Application Service, and Software as a Service.

CloudFerro is a service provider in the NoR network.

How to apply for resources? How to prepare an application?

Visit the NoR website or Help for Copernicus users

External financing

We cooperate in projects financed by external funds: H2020, Horizon Europe, European Commission projects, business accelerators, ESA, NCBiR, PARP, and others.

Please contact us to learn more.

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See also: our cloud services

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