How to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing

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Thank you for attending the webinar!

It was a great pleasure and honour for us to host a record number over 150 members of EO and Space community from 33 countries. We would like to express our grateful thanks Dr Michael Schmidt from DLR, who presented a CODE-DE platform case study from the customer’s perspective.

For those who missed the event, or would like to watch it again, we have prepared a that you can find on our CloudFerro YouTube channel.

„How to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing" – the webinar’s description:

With over 12TB of Earth Observation (EO) data generated daily, the European Copernicus Programme is one of the largest data providers globally. This data can be accessed freely and openly by public authorities, scientific institutions and commercial organizations to build user applications and services for the ultimate benefit of all European citizens.

Over the last 5 years, CloudFerro has been building and operating cloud platforms for acquiring, storing and processing large amounts of EO data for customers such as ESAEUMETSATECMWFDLR and others, where the Copernicus Programme is the key source of EO data. On the basis of many various challenges we have faced while designing and developing the platforms, we have worked out solutions that meet demanding requirements of our customers and users in terms of efficiency, scalability, time to market and costs.

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Watch the webinar to learn the best practices regarding building national or thematic platforms for processing large EO data sets in the cloud. We have shared our experience with you and highlight what you need to pay attention to when planning this kind of projects. Our Customer DLR, German Aerospace Agency, has presented a case study of CODE-DE - a German platform for EO data access and processing.


  1. How to address various challenges while building efficient platform for big EO data processing – Stanislaw Dalek, Chief Technology Officer, CloudFerro
  2. CODE-DE case study – customer requirements and achieved results – Dr. Michael Schmidt, Project Manager, DLR
  3. Implementation model, architecture, key platform elements – Alek Cesarz, Project Management Officer, CloudFerro
  4. Summary and Q&A

Webinar is dedicated to:

  • national space agencies and other institutions from the EO sector, which plan to build efficient platforms for EO data access and processing 
  • EO platform projects sponsors
  • members of institutions of public administration, research & science and commercial organizations from other sectors who plan to build platforms for big data sets processing 

Meet the speakers:

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