WAW3-1 cloud upgraded

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CloudFerro has recently completed an upgrade to the WAW3-1 cloud, which has resulted in a significant increase in its capacity.

Effective December 2022, the capacity of the WAW3-1 cloud was increased by 100%, providing our customers with greater flexibility and improved performance for their workloads and infrastructures. Our customers can now launch bigger and more complex workloads, which can translate to faster outcomes and increased productivity. Additionally, the upgrade also brings improved stability and reliability, which is critical for mission-critical applications and services.

In addition, we have also upgraded the internet connection of the WAW3-1 cloud by an additional 100 Gbit/s to match the projected future demand, and ensure that our customers have the necessary bandwidth to support their growing needs.

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To get credits for cloud resources, please write to sales@cloudferro.com

Want to learn more about WAW3-1 cloud? Check out our Documentation and FAQ sections to fully benefit from working on the WAW3-1 cloud!

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