C-SCALE project

CREODIAS will support H2020 project C-SCALE

We are proud to announce that CREODIAS will support the Horizon 2020 project “C-SCALE”.

With a budget of over 2 million euros, it aims to federate European EO infrastructure services, with CREODIAS being one of them.

The federation shall capitalize on the European Open Science Cloud’s (EOSC) capacity to support Copernicus research and operations with large and easily accessible European computing environments. That would allow a rapid scaling and sharing of EO data among a large community of users by increasing the service offering of the EOSC portal.

During the project, CREODIAS will co-facilitate two use cases:

  • HiSEA – an EU-funded project that aims to develop, test, and demonstrate information services that provide high-resolution data of water quality at sea.
  • Virtual European Sentinel Data Cubes – a project dedicated to building, testing, and providing virtual Sentinel data cubes covering initially individual European countries and later on the whole of Europe.

More information on the project TT account (@C_SCALE_EU)

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