Summary of 2020

CREODIAS in numbers in 2020

The new year is a good time to summarize last year's achievements and create plans for the coming year.

We present the 2020 summary of the CREODIAS platform.

The most important facts:

  • 20.39 PB of locally available EO data on the CREODIAS platform in December 2020 - 40% increase compared to December 2019
  • 2PB of data delivered daily to the repository
  • 18.18 PB of data used by users of the CREODIAS platform - 91% increase compared to 2019
  • 6,107 registered CREODIAS users - 80% increase compared to the number of users in December 2019
  • 189 countries where CREODIAS users come from
  • 539 participants from 58 countries took part in 12 webinars organized by CloudFerro

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