CREODIAS 2.0 – new development

CREODIAS 2.0 – new development - creo baner 1 min

We are pleased to announce that we are successively launching new functionalities of CREODIAS 2.0 – a new version of the platform that offers more capacity and scalability for our users' projects.

That includes:

  • WAW3-1 cloud – a new instance of the cloud computing services, already operational, that improves the availability, efficiency, and resilience of CloudFerro cloud services, with new functionalities such as integrated Kubernetes and new flavors. We are planning to launch the next new cloud in Frankfurt later this year;
  • Billing system – together with the migration to WAW 3-1 cloud, our customers will also be connected to the new billing system already operational, which enables much greater flexibility of account management, including a native pay-as-you-go model, convenient consumption reports, and invoicing;
  • Data Explorer – a new advanced tool for searching, visualizing, ordering, and processing EO data;
  • Portal CREODIAS 2.0 – an improved version of the platform, combining account management with a knowledge base, communication channels, and customer service support.

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