CloudFerro starts Gateway project to build first national DataSpace for spatial data

CloudFerro starts Gateway project - cover minCloudFerro starts Gateway project - cover min

CloudFerro, a Polish provider of cloud services and the largest Polish company in the space sector, is one of 19 European entities to receive funding under the EU's IPCEI CIS scheme. The EUR 22 million financing will be used for the Gateway project, which aims to develop and implement green cloud and distributed computing services. To achieve that goal, Gateway has secured over 22 million EUR of public aid under the EU's IPCEI CIS scheme from the Polish National Recovery Plan. 

Gateway project has emerged in response to the rapidly increasing data production in recent years. The project aims to to build the first national DataSpace for spatial data to establish an integrated ecosystem for spatial data sharing, storage, management and processing with a high level of control and security.  The company's proposal is to use an innovative, distributed approach to cloud operations and service delivery.

The decentralisation of data spaces will allow for a significant increase in the speed of operations - all through the use of more access points to perform computing. Such a solution will enable research centres and commercial entities to conduct advanced technological research, leading to the development and launch of next-generation cloud services that are reliable and secure. Thanks to the use of distributed computing (in centres located in different locations in Poland and Europe), it will be possible to analyse data in a place that is powered by green energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint generated. All in line with the principle of carbon aware computing, which involves creating software and computer technology in a way that is environmentally friendly and does not harm the planet.

CloudFerro, which is the provider of the largest public cloud in Poland, will build six interconnected spatial data repositories and 22 interconnected computing clusters with a capacity of 50 petabytes by 2026 as part of the Gateway project. It will fill them with more than 300 data collections and propose 10 pilot applications.  It is estimated that as many as 10,000 users will use the repository by this time. In addition, to ensure broad access to the project's achievements, the company is committed to funding dissertation-level research. Work on the project is divided into two phases: the first will cover research, development and innovation, while the second envisages industrial implementation, with a total value of EUR 28 million over the 3-year project.

The Gateway project will enable stakeholders in various economic sectors to benefit on a large scale from information flowing from a combination of satellite, aerial, in-situ and computer simulation data. This will be extremely valuable for research, R&D and commercialisation in the IT sector, environmental analysis and local and regional management.

Stanisław Krzyżanowski, Research and Innovation Director at CloudFerro

The IPCEI CIS (Important Project of Common European Interest - Cloud Infrastructure and Services) scheme supports projects of significant importance to the common European interest. It covers investments in research, development and innovation that are critical to the future of the European economy. IPCEI projects focus on creating advanced technologies and strengthening Europe's competitiveness in the global market.

The Gateway project, carried out independently by CloudFerro, plays an important role in the development of European data spaces. To ensure that its impact goes beyond the IPCEI initiative, CloudFerro has committed to using open-source software and sharing the knowledge gained through conferences, workshops and scientific publications.

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