CloudFerro joins the European GAIA-X project

CloudFerro joins the European GAIA-X project - cover min

The Warsaw company CloudFerro, as one of the first companies from Poland, joined the European Society for Data and Cloud. GAIA-X is to create standards for the European cloud platform, respecting EU law and open source standards. The association is also expected to work for the preservation of European technological sovereignty and data protection.

GAIA-X is the European Association for Data and Cloud, created in 2019, thanks to the initiative of companies from Germany and France. Companies, institutions, and governments from other European countries were invited to participate in the project. GAIA-X has been operating as a legal entity since January 2021.

The cooperation of European companies under GAIA-X aims to develop standards for a European cloud platform for data storage and processing in the European Union in the area of security, data privacy, and technological openness.

 Cloud providers will have to, among others, provide customers with information about how data is stored and accessed. All activities and provision of services are to be adapted to both the European and local markets. GAIA-X is also expected to reduce the dependence of European entities on American cloud computing providers.

- One of the assumptions of GAIA-X is to achieve the technological sovereignty of Europe and to create an alternative to the offer of hyperscalers, i.e. technological giants from overseas. This is especially important today when the development of the economy is based on data and technologies such as cloud computing. - says Maciej Krzyżanowski, CEO of CloudFerro.

- Our activities on the European cloud services market perfectly fit into the values and main goals of GAIA-X. There is a strong need for European standards and operating principles in the field of digitization, especially in the areas of data security, openness, and privacy. It is also important to protect the local market, develop competencies and create new jobs. We want to take an active part in developing and implementing European standards in the field of technology and act to increase the competitiveness of the European market - emphasizes Maciej Krzyżanowski.

The document establishing GAIA-X was signed in September last year by 22 entities. At the beginning of 2021, more than 200 applications for joining the project were received from companies and research organizations from around the world (about 85% from Europe), which proves the great demand for high-quality cloud services based on open technologies and provided in compliance with the EU standards. GAIA-X members are committed to upholding European values, data privacy, operational transparency, security, and respect for data rights. The board of the association is to consist only of representatives of European companies. The project is supported and regulated by the European Commission.

CloudFerro provides innovative cloud computing services. Provides and supports cloud computing for specialized markets, incl. for the European space industry, climate research, and science. It has extensive experience in storing and processing large data sets, including multi-petabyte repositories for Earth observation satellite data.

The company offers flexible solutions in the public, private and hybrid cloud model, based on open technologies, tailored to the user's needs, and cost-effective. It provides a wide range of additional services and dedicated technical support, carried out by a local team of IT specialists with unique competencies.

CloudFerro solutions are used by leading companies and scientific institutions in Europe from various market sectors, processing large data sets: European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT, European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Mercator Ocean International, German Aero-Space Agency (DLR), EGI and many more.

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