CloudFerro joins OpenInfra Foundation

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CloudFerro is proud to announce that we have become  a Silver Member of OpenInfra – the  Open Infrastructure Foundation.

OpenInfra has more than 110,000 members in 187 countries and its mission is to help people build and operate open IT infrastructure. By joining the foundation, CloudFerro wishes to contribute to the joint effort of OpenInfra community to help people build solutions based on an open cloud infrastructure. Thanks to the great software maintained by Openinfra i.e. Openstack, we have already been able to scale up CloudFerro clouds and services and provide several thousand users with a great experience.

CloudFerro has strong competences in using open source technologies  as we have provided and are now operating several IaaS platforms for Earth Observation sector. We use leading open-source frameworks and tools to develop our solutions: OpenStack for cloud management, Ceph for distributed storage, Kubernetes for container orchestration, Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, ELK for log processing. Open-source gives us the flexibility to extend, fine-tune and combine existing components with our own software. We strongly believe in the open-source business model and we are active committers to the upstream open-source projects.

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