CloudFerro in aerOS project

CloudFerro contributes to the European research project aerOS that aims to design and build a virtualized, platform-neutral meta operating system for the IoT edge-cloud continuum.

CloudFerro is proud to contribute to aerOS – an ambitious European research project that aims to design and build a virtualized, platform-neutral meta operating system for the IoT edge-cloud continuum, i.e. the orchestration of resources and services in an ecosystem where IoT, Edge and Cloud converge to form a computing continuum. AerOS stands for Autonomous, scalablE, tRustworthy, intelligent European meta Operating System for the IoT edge-cloud continuum.

The meta operating system will support distribution and data sharing across the IoT edge-cloud continuum and will enable orchestration of resources and services by providing mechanisms for data processing and application of intelligence, in particular, close to where the data is produced. CloudFerro scope of services includes the provision of public cloud resources and the deployment of a renewable energy use case “Containerized Edge Computing near Renewable Energy Sources”. CloudFerro is drawing on the expertise gained from GEP project and leverage CloudFerro existing edge-cloud infrastructure (WAW 2-1 and, potentially, FRA 1-1), monitoring and administration tools, data repositories and processing chains, front end portals and dashboards for processing disposition. The use case should prove the applicability of aerOS for managing small edge nodes located directly at energy sources (e.g., wind/photovoltaic farms, hydro energy or high capacity batteries), gathering information and events from the deployed smart devices. The edge nodes will have connectivity to the CloudFerro private cloud infrastructure.

AerOS project is run by 27 partners from 11 countries in Europe under the Horizon Europe programme (Horizon Europe CL4-2021-DATA-01-05) in line with key EU policies of digital transformation and the Green Deal.

The project is planned to be completed by September 2025.

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This project has received funding from Horizon Europe, the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation, under grant agreement No. 101069732.

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