Another contract for cloud services for EUMETSAT

Another contract for cloud services for EUMETSAT - chmura9 niebieska min scaled

CloudFerro will provide Elasticity services for EUMETSAT hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

CloudFerro has signed a contract with EUMETSAT  (the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) for providing Cloud Computing Elasticity services for the EUMETSAT hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. The new service will support the organization’s strategic goal to provide the users with easy and highly performing access to EUMETSAT Big Data as well as the provision of modern Data Services. CloudFerro will implement and operate the service.

The new Cloud Computing Elasticity service will provide computational flexibility in support of the applications and computational needs of the organization and its users. The service will fit seamlessly into the overall big data service platforms at EUMETSAT, providing identical services to users within scientific, governmental and commercial communities. This means that satellite observation data and meteorological products can be accessed via a single entry point, as if they were collocated.

The cloud infrastructure from CloudFerro offers significant advantages and has the potential to evolve into a real game changer in the way EUMETSAT, ECMWF and Member States user communities use data and Earth observation products. The consistency and elasticity can lead to an increase in the accuracy of measurements and better understanding of spatial patterns affecting climate change.

CloudFerro will contribute with its unique know-how gained from many years’ experience as a developer and operator of Earth observation data platforms such as CREODIAS, CODE-DE, CDS and WEkEO. 

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