Planet VHR imagery on CREODIAS

Airbus imagery available in CloudFerro offer - ziemia satelity cut copy

To meet our customers' expectations and deliver the most anticipated solutions that are used every day. We have expanded our data offer with access to very high resolution imagery by becoming a reseller of Airbus services.

By establishing this partnership, our users are able to take advantage of a wide selection of available satellite imagery and additional services.

VHR images available in OneAtlas service, well known by all users of Earth Observation data, gives great possibilities of their visualisation, acquisition and further processing.

Below you will find the existing imagery and additional services available for purchase through the CREODIAS sales department:

Available Imagery:

  • Pléiades 1A & 1B 
  • Spot 6/7 
  • Vision-1 
  • Radar constellation (TerraSAR-X,TanDEM-X, PAZ)
  • SpotMaps1.5 & 2.5 
  • Elevation 30
  • DMC Constellation 
  • SMART Report
  • Elevation 1/4/8/10 
  • WorldDEM 
  • GCPs

OneAtlas Services:

  • Living Library 
  • WorldDEM Streaming™ 
  • Basemap

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