AGROTECH contract signed

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AGROTECH project will cover crop classification and crop change detection technology, through the analysis of satellite images using machine learning algorithms. 

At the end of last year, CloudFerro signed an agreement with the NCBiR (National Center for Research and Development). The project team is already working on the project as part of the "Fast Track" programme.  

The system will operate through the analysis of medium and very high-resolution satellite images with the use of advanced machine learning algorithms. 

The main assumptions of the project are to provide solutions for: 

  • Classification of land cover for Europe 
  • Recognition of crop types 
  • Detecting physical damage into crops 

Two stages of R&D are planned in the project. In the first one - in industrial research, entirely new methods and algorithms for automatic extraction of land cover and land use patterns, effective methods for segmentation of multi-spectral satellite images and methods for recognition of objects subject to significant periodical variability.  

In the second stage - experimental development - algorithms developed in the first stage will be taught to classify all planned crops and land area types. Then the prototype of the target platform will be built and subjected to tests and verification in real conditions. 

The main groups of recipients of the project will be paying agencies, individual farmers and agricultural large farms enterprises. 

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