New European DataSpace based on the next generation cloud

Gateway project - ipcei background4 1Gateway project - ipcei background4 1

Access to spatial data repositories through dedicated platform to storage, processing and exchange big data collections.

The aim of the project

Gateway project has emerged in response to the rapidly increasing data production in recent years. The project aims to establish an integrated ecosystem for spatial data sharing, storage, management and processing with a high level of control and security. To achieve that goal, Gateway has secured over 22 million EUR of public aid under the IPCEI (Important Project for Common European Interest) scheme from the Polish National Recovery Plan.  


Project Gateway is organized into two phases: Research, Development and Innovation phase and First Industrial Deployment phase. With the work ongoing from the beginning of 2024, its impact on the market will be visible from 2025 onwards. Final results of the project are planned for 2026. 

Gateway in numbers by 2026

Gateway project - 50PB orange 3
Over 50 petabytes
of spatial data
Gateway project - database management

Over 300

data collections
Gateway project - 10000 orange 1

10 000

registered users 
Gateway project - 002 big data 1

6 connected

data repositories
Gateway project - cluster computing1

22 federated

computing clusters 
Gateway project - idea

10 domain

use cases


Project Gateway plays an important role in the development of European dataspaces. To ensure it resonates beyond IPCEI, CloudFerro is committed to open source and sharing knowledge via conferences, workshops and publications.

International cooperation

Project Gateway is a part of IPCEI CIS (to be called 8RA) integrated project. It is a joint effort by European member states, industry and research to establish a common cloud-edge continuum – a multi-provider, interoperable and openly accessible European data processing ecosystem.  

Within IPCEI (/8RA) Gateway collaborates with multiple international partners architecture solutions and smart city use cases.

Gateway project - budget1

125 mln zł

Gateway project - hand1

96 mln zł

Gateway project - project

32 months

Project implementation time
Gateway project - toolbox 1

29 mln zł

Gateway project - research and development1

15 months

R & D + innovation
Gateway project - handshake

17 months

Final Investment Decision
Gateway project - belka KPOnew

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