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Experienced team

The group of experienced support specialists is ready to respond to any questions and requests of our customers. We support cloud environments, satellite products, and various satellite data applications. We help initialize the users' cloud environment in our infrastructure.

Customer service

We create and maintain the documentation and tutorials to help our customers get instant answers to their questions.

We support our end customers using the solutions implemented under the projects realized by CloudFerro. We are working under SLAs (Service Level Agreements) customized for various products depending on their level of sophistication and severity. We communicate in Polish and English.

The quickest way to contact us is to email support@cloudferro.com or the form at the bottom of the page.

Every request is important for us. We work between 8:00 and 20:00 CET.

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the customers

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technical people

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Ryszard Licau
Customer Support Manager
Ryszard Licau is in charge of Customer Support Team. He has an extensive experience in managing technical support teams in IT, ICT, banking, finance, sport, computer gaming sectors, as well as non-profit organizations and associations. He has successfully managed large-scale projects set at over 1 million budget, employing best practices and highest standards. Passionate competitive shooter and aspiring public speaker.
Marcin Gil
Customer Support Expert
Marcin Gil is a CloudFerro Support Expert. He has experience in managing IT projects and working with customers. He has been working as a Project Manager in Robotics Inventions and Devoteam/WolaInfo as well as an Account Manager in HP/Compaq/Digital. He graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, Electronics Faculty, Automation Specialty. He is passionate of new technologies and automation.
Rafał Nowicki
Customer Support Specialist
Rafał Nowicki works as a Technical Support Specialist at CloudFerro. He was responsible for creating many customer support materials, updating existing and ongoing customer support. In free time, he practices swimming, health and travelling.
Alan Bui Quoc
Junior Customer Support Specialist
Alan Bui Quoc works as a Junior Customer Support Specialist. He is responsible for helping customers solving their problems with cloud infrastructure and for building a cloud management tools knowledge base. He has experience in carrying out various acceptance tests. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Computer Science of the Kielce University of Technology with a master's degree in engineering. He is an enthusiast of computer games, board games and geocaching.
Paweł Cholewa
Technical Support Specialist
Paweł Cholewa acts as a Technical Support Specialist. He is responsible for the day-to-day handling of clients' affairs. Passionate about travel and Asian cuisine.
Grzegorz Nosowski
Junior Customer Support Specialist
Grzegorz Nosowski works as a Junior Customer Support Specialist. He was responsible for conducting internal CloudFerro cloud performance tests. He is a student at WSISIZ in Warsow. Big enthusiast of football, astronomy and quiz show "Jeden z dziesięciu".
Mariusz Szymański
Junior Customer Support Specialist
Mariusz Szymański pełni role Młodszego Specjalisty ds. Wsparcia Technicznego. Jest odpowiedzialny za pomoc klientom w razie problemów z maszynami wirtualnymi. Aktualnie student Warszawskiej Wyższej Szkoły Informatyki. Pasjonat gier komputerowych, zapalony pływak, miłośnik "Pieśni lodu i ognia" oraz "Wiedźmina".
Piotr Danielczuk
Technical Support Specialist
Piotr Danielczuk acts as a Technical Support Specialist. He is responsible for helping our clients in the cloud and current affairs in the company. On a daily basis, he is interested in the video game market and acrobatics

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