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Conducting research and development projects requires the preparation of many elements, such as ensuring efficient processors or access to data from multiple sources. The ideal solution supporting the implementation of projects is cloud computing - a flexible environment, tailored to the needs of users, combining computing power, allowing for quick processing, a place for data storage and even direct access to a rich data repository.

Flexible cloud infrastructure for your needs

Cloud computing infrastructure provides users with innovative methods which can help them efficiently process data in a matter of seconds. Its computing power is higher than any other technology’s. Moreover, cloud computing services offer constant accessibility, flexibility, and increased productivity, comparing to traditional IT infrastructure. They allow researchers to conduct various operations on complex systems and a huge amount of data at all times and places. 

What do we offer?

  • Access to cloud infrastructure, space which you adapt to your needs.

  • Access to the CREODIAS platform, catalogs with satellite data along with the computing environment.

Cloud and Earth Observation data

CloudFerro offers a specialized cloud platform - CREODIAS, for storing and processing an unlimited amount of image data and derivative products. It provides access to data collections from many different satellites, constantly obtained under the European Commission's Copernicus program.

  • CREODIAS is an ideal environment for large-scale experiments, where the user decides how much space and what power he needs to achieve the goal of the work.

  • CREODIAS is a place where scientists are able to use lots of various sources in their research and can perform highly efficient processes.

  • CREODIAS enables user tools such as CREODIAS Browser and CREODIAS Finder to facilitate the search and selection of satellite products.

  • CREODIAS offers also Jupyter Notebooks - the perfect online platform for prototyping and developing new ideas for algorithms and services.

Satelite data repository

The CREODIAS platform enables immediate access to free satellite imagery of the Earth and in-situ data obtained under the Copernicus program and to paid high-resolution data. The rich repository provides both the most recent and archived data.

The user can choose the most convenient way of using the data - through the EO Browser and EO Finder tools, from where he can download the data locally, or he can completely transfer his work to the cloud environment and directly use the data there, without the need to download it.

Commercial ultra-high resolution (VHR) imaging complements Copernicus data and is successful in projects requiring very high accuracy. These are multispectral data, night and radar images from different vendors.

View available free Copernicus data collections and commercial VHR data collections.

Convenient tools

Thanks to the applications developed by CloudFerro, which are milestones in the search and selection of earth observation (EO) products, the user can incorporate data into his production process faster and more efficiently. These apps include:



a simplified tool for visualizing satellite images at different processing levels. It allows searching using SPRAQL and semantic search: CREODIAS Browser

creodias finder


advanced search engine for earth observation products, offering graphical interface and API: CREODIAS Finder


horizon dashboard


a graphic service in the OpenStack technology that allows you to manage your resources.


horizon dashboard


on-line computing environment, accessible from a web browser, satellite data repository available to registered users at no extra charge, support for many programming languages


Easy budgeting

Cloud infrastructure is available in several billing models:

  •    pay per use (per hour)
  •    fixed term (long term contracts)
  •    revenue sharing

We provide free credits for testing the platform, discounts for science, various , in particular full funding for cloud services for science from project.

Check the price list of cloud computing services on CREODIAS.

Experience in working with scientific institutions

We have many years of experience in cooperation with scientific institutions around the world. More than 40 European scientific institutions and research centers, including European Space Research Institute, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Institut des Geosciences de l'Environnement - Université Grenoble Alpes, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, UiT the Arctic University of Norway, used our cloud services and substantive support.

We participate in many projects of the European Space Agency and Horizon 2020. Our activity in the space sector is growing every year, and our cloud infrastructure is the foundation of many projects.

Education in the cloud


The CREODIAS platform, and in particular the EO Browser and EO Finder applications, 
can be successfully used as an educational platform at the level of secondary schools and universities. 
The ability to view and download free satellite imagery and related products available on the platform 
will be a huge benefit during geography or remote sensing classes.