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Cloud computing can be applied 
in many diffrent areas



The cloud is a suitable environment for both small operations and large processes, based on BIG Data processing. Each user, organization, each implemented process or project requires different data, different computing power, and different disk spaces. Cloud computing users represent various sectors. We are always ready to respond to every want of our users by adapting our infrastructure to their needs.

Discover the benefits of cloud computing

  • FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY - the cloud environment is adapted to the customer's needs. The size of resources and computing power can be appropriately selected depending on the requirements of the implemented project.

  • DATA STORAGE - the cloud offers the greatest capacity for storing huge amounts of data.

  • DATA SECURITY - only an authorized user controls where the data is stored and who has access to it. You can easily configure resource access rules.

  • REDUCTION OF PURCHASE AND INFRASTRUCTURE MAINTENANCE COSTS - hardware resources, their configuration and maintenance are provided by the cloud service provider.

  • ACCESS FROM ANY LOCATION - access to data stored in the cloud or the possibility of processing it is guaranteed from any place.

Cloud and Earth Observation data

CREODIAS is a public cloud computing platform, dedicated for accessing, storing and processing an unlimited amount of image data and derivative products. It provides access to data collections from many different satellites, constantly obtained under the European Commission's Copernicus program.

  • CREODIAS is an ideal environment for large-scale experiments, where the user decides how much space and what power he needs to achieve the goal of the work.

  • CREODIAS is a place where scientists are able to use lots of various sources in their research and can perform highly efficient processes.

  • CREODIAS enables user tools such as CREODIAS Browser and CREODIAS Finder to facilitate the search and selection of satellite products.

  • CREODIAS offers also Jupyter Notebooks - the perfect online platform for prototyping and developing new ideas for algorithms and services.