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European Company

European capital, norms, data hubs



CloudFerro is a data storage and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider.

When in-demand for European cloud services, we are the perfect fit to fulfill your need:

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European capital

CloudFerro is a company owned and operated by European citizens.



European law

Company and its owners are subjected to European Union law. Regulations and procedures of non-EU countries do not apply to us, thus cannot force our company to reveal any information stored within our infrastructure.


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European norms

CloudFerro’s activities and operations are subjected to rules of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 as well as BSI.


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European data hubs

CloudFerro’s public services and applications are all hosted in data centers located in European Union countries. We operate 3 separate locations in Warsaw, Poland and 2 locations in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Additionally, private data hubs for our clients are located in Poland, Germany, and United Kingdom.


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European proficiency

CloudFerro’s IaaSs are open source-based, utilizing OpenStack cloud software, Ceph network storage, and other state-of-the-art solutions. Management and control of the services are done by a team of experts, located in Warsaw, Poland. With around 20 engineers and network administrators, there is no need for external support. Knowledge and skill are on hand.


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European support

We provide enthusiastic and responsive user support. Our experienced helpdesk is located in Warsaw, Poland.


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European hardware

We assemble our hardware within the company, utilizing unique skills and experience gained throughout the years.