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Platform providing access to satellite data on climate and meteorology

The contract for the provision of cloud computing and related services for the WEkEO platform was awarded to Thales Alenia Space and CloudFerro by the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), representing also the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), and Mercator Ocean International. WEkEO is one of the five Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) financed by the European Commission. The contract includes the provision “as a service” of the computing, storage and network infrastructure.

In December 2019 the implementation was completed and transitioned into operational mode. In January 2020 EUMETSAT together with Mercator International and ECMWF announced an official launch of new WEkEO services.

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Business need

CloudFerro and Thales Alenia Space led the consortium including ATOS Origin, GMV, Orange and CLS to address technical, economic and business challenges of the WEkEO platform. WEkEO's main goal was to offer data from Sentinel satellites together with Copernicus marine, land, atmosphere and climate services. New features enabled a “user to the data” approach: instant data access together with various tools enabling to transform the data and provide necessary services avoiding additional ITC infrastructure investments.

The following key aspects were addressed:

  • Providing free of charge computing, storage and network infrastructure called DPIs (Distributed Partner Infrastructure) for research and development purposes.
  • Providing advanced commercial cloud services (for advanced users).
  • Establishing efficient and scalable IaaS solution including federated approach with virtual environment functions and toolboxes.
  • Providing Partners CFI elements (SW packages and tools).
  • Efficient end user support by IT helpdesk services & system administration.
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Solution - Phases of the project

Phase 1 (Platform operation preparation)

The main goal was to deploy WEkEO V1 solution with necessary operational services. A kick-off was concluded in April 2019. After 4 months the project achieved IRR (Implementation Readiness Review) milestone: pre-commissioned IaaS hardware was installed at each Partners site, application demonstration presented to Partners and project documentation accepted. In December 2019, after 8 months of deployment, the project successfully achieved ORR (Operational Readiness Review) milestone.

Phase 2 (Platform operation)

The platform operation includes WEkEO helpdesk, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line of support for 18 months until Q3 2021. In January 2020 User and data migration from previous WEkEO V1 solution was performed by CloudFerro. Over 70 customer environments, 3000 users and 2TB of customer data were migrated to the new system. On January 30th 2020 Eumetsat announced the official launch of new WEkEO V2 services.

Tools and Services

Satellite data

  • Sentinel 1, 2 i 3
  • Sentinel 5P
  • ERA5

Copernicus Services

  • C3S (zmiany klimatyczne)
  • CAMS (atmosfera)
  • CLMS (globalne, lądowe)
  • CMEMS (morskie)

EO processing tools

  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • dedicated VMs with pre-installed processing tools like SNAP, Gdal, Orfeo toolbox

Backend Services

  • Dedicated VMs with pre-installed processing tools like SNAP, Gdal, Orfeo toolbox
  • Harmonized Data Access UI&API : Search &access of EO Data
  • Jupyter Hub: Jupyter notebooks can be developed making use of Harmonized Data Access
  • Self-provisioning of IaaS and PaaS
  • Billing for commercial services (packages and pay-as-you go for future use)
  • eCommerce

WEkEO IaaS offer

WEkEO can host users:

  • Free of charge with limited resources for pilot users
  • Commercial packages: based on so called T-shirts (fixed ressources bundled in packages where a user can provision own Virtual Machines)

Support Services

Helpdesk Services and Support Services include:

  • Providing general Helpdesk service as Level 1
  • Providing thematic technical experts for specific themes as Level 2
  • Having technical team ready to bring a Level 3 support
  • Making the Helpdesk process efficient to get the best indicators (satisfaction and resolution time)
  • Maintenance and Update of Knowledge Base through enhancing the knowledge base with different user recurrent demands (if any)


WEkEO offers data from the Partners and Copernicus data from Sentinel satellites, including marine, land, atmosphere and climate services. It features cloud/big data–based hosted processing and tools in order to bring the “user to the data” to transform the data and to provide services meeting their specific needs or the ones of their users. Benefits to the end users include:

  • Reduction of the volume of data to be transferred.
  • "Pay-per-use" business model to avoid users' investing in and operating expensive ICT infrastructure.
  • Expert and technical assistance to transform Earth Observation data to commercial services
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