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Data Centers

Meeting highest safety standards,
eco-friendly and certified



The data centers we choose must meet the highest standards of physical and fire safety, protection against unauthorized access, protection against natural disasters and accidents. The security of our server rooms is the foundation on which we build the security of our services and data.

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They are compliant with the TIER3 standard

The compliance of our locations with the TIER3 standard is one of the main guarantees of reliability and availability at all times. All critical systems operate in at least N + 1 redundancy which ensures an uninterrupted supply of electricity, network ,and cooling. Thanks to careful selection, continuous testing, and improvement of our procedures as well as the responsibility of our partners, data centers in which we locate servers are characterized by a very low failure rate and high operational efficiency.

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We want our clouds to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The electricity demand, the origin of power sources, and the impact of our infrastructure on the climate are constantly verified and are very important to us. We employ technologies that reduce energy consumption and we use data centers powered by renewable energy sources. We try to make the most of our servers and devices so as not to burden the natural environment with the production of IT equipment. Based on the data we provide, climate analyzes are created in our clouds, that allow us to understand the impact of humans on the Earth.

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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates

All our locations and infrastructures are certified in accordance with ISO 2700 and ISO 9001 and other standards relevant in a given region. As a responsible service provider, we attach great importance to quality and compliance with safety standards.

We operate 7 locations in Europe


We operate seven locations in Europe, amongst which 3 have publicly available elements of our cloud infrastructure. Each location is a telecommunications neutral network access center in which we are connected with hundreds of providers.