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We offer one of the biggest commercially operated storage infrastructures in European Union. Our solution is based on CEPH - distributed and scalable, open source-based object storage software. With extensive experience - currently we host more than 18 PB of publicly available data - we are able to store Petabytes of your data.

Billing models


Storage types


We create dedicated infrastructure and software solutions, fulfilling your requirements. Storing, hosting and taking care of your data is deep within our DNA.

Special offers

  • Special offers for long contracts, 1 year or more.
  • Up to 18% discount for universities and scientific institutes
  • We may support you in applying to a variety of funding programs (such as Horizon 2020)
  • Free access to Earth Observation data on some of our platforms

If you are interested in our offer for big data storage for longer periods or have other unusual requirements, contact us. Our dedicated team will prepare tailored solution just for you.


Storage price list

All prices are in EUR, excluding VAT.

Prices for Monthly, Half yearly and Yearly periods are in Fixed Term (long term) monthly cycle.
Prices for Pay per use model are calculated in the hourly cycle.


Storage   Hourly Monthly Half-yearly Yearly
    per hour per month per month per month
HDD magnetic storage per GByte 0,0000556 0,040 0,040 0,038
SSD fast solid state storage per GByte 0,0001389 0,100 0,100 0,100


Object storage billed Monthly (the price depends on the amount of storage used)


  0-500 TB 501-1000 TB >1000TB
Object storage per GByte 0,020 0,019 0,017

Storage Types

VM related storage

VM related storage is a fast solid state SSD storage connected to individual Virtual Machines. It is directly available to the VM without the need for mounting or connecting network shares. The quantity of VM related SSD storage reserved for a VM depends on the VM Flavour selected.

This type of storage guarantees:

  • High-speed reading and writing
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Availability

Volume Storage

This type of storage consists of Volume Storage that can be attached to VMs as block devices to dynamically extend their storage capabilities. Volume Storage are independent from VMs, they can be easily moved from one VM to another. Users may take snapshots of Volume Storage to be able to revert to their ‘frozen’ state later. Their size is limited only by the size of available storage space. Volumes can also be resized without unmounting. Volume-based VMs can be easily migrated between servers. Volume Storage can be encrypted if a User requests such an option. It is also possible to make a live backup copy of a volume.  

Available volume storages are based on redundant SSD and HDD disks clusters. SSD part provides fast operations, while HDD scalability, due to lower costs.

Volume Storage are billed per available GBytes of storage space per month (or longer period) or hour. It can be bought either in Per Usage mode or for Fixed Terms.

S3 - Object Storage

Object Storage is a scalable storage for objects/files with HTTP REST interface. All objects/files operations are performed via REST API. Objects/files can be organized into buckets which act as  standard file directories. User can also define access policy for buckets and objects/files. The API is compatible with Amazon S3 so existing AWS S3 tools can be used to manage objects/files and buckets on the storage. Users can also manage objects/files in an easy way via the Cloud Dashboard. The storage can be accessible from the public Internet and from VMs.

System Image service

The Image service holds VM base OS images and volume images. OS images are used to create a VM - they hold the VM's root filesystem. A User can create a new Storage Volume or a new VM from the Image or keep it as a backup.

Backup storage

Backup storage holds library of virtual machines images, optimized for handling Earth Observation data processing.


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CloudFerro sp. z o.o.

Siedziba główna: Nowogrodzka 31, 00-511 Warszawa
Biuro handlowe: Fabryczna 5A, 00-446 Warszawa
Telefon: +48 22 354 65 73 E-mail:
KRS: 0000543630
NIP: 7010468205
Regon: 36081846300000