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Cloud management

Using and managing IaaS services in the CloudFerro cloud
available to all registered Cloud Customers



We invite companies and scientific institutions to use our services. As our customer, you get your own Cloud Environment, which is completely separate from other customers.

In the Service Panels, you can create and expand additional cloud environments, and add additional users. Looking from the logical point of view, the customer is the organization, and the users are its employees. Cloud projects are tied to projects in your organization. Such a model of operation ensures the security of customer data and applications, on the other hand, it allows for very high flexibility and implementation of very diverse projects.


Service Panel

As our client, you can manage each of our services interactively using the Cloud Dashboard (OpenStack Horizon) or in a service panel and user portal dedicated to a given service. At the same time, services can be configured and managed with the use of extensive REST API mechanisms (OpenStack API, Finder API, billing API).


API is the basic management mechanism

Thanks to the rich API management along with the modularity of the service offer, the CloudFerro platform is ideal as a component for other organizations. These building blocks can be connected to create many complex computing and web service environments.



Managed services catalog

Cloud services include: 

  • virtual machines (VM, dedicated servers, virtual machines with graphic processors, and virtual machines on dedicated servers )

  • mass processing of EO data products

  • Kubernetes

  • images of operating systems and software

The default tenant limits, visible after the service has started, can be easily changed by contacting the Support Department. Their initial size is dictated by our care for users - you can change it freely, depending on your needs.

Data storage services

Storage services include: 

  • volume storage (broken down into magnetic hard disks, fast SSD disks, disks placed in remote locations (Warsaw2, Frankfurt1)

  • backup solutions to remote locations

  • virtual machine image management services - OpenStack Glance, snapshots

  • object storage

  • free access to Earth Observation (EO) big data storage with satellite data and additional data services such as disk upload and download via physically transported media

Data processing services

Data processing services include: 

  • free data interface CREODIAS and EO browser

  • paid EO extended data processing in OGC WMS as opposed to OGC WMS basic service which is part of the free data offer

  • data catalog, search, download, and indexing services


Virtual network services include: 

  • virtual networks

  • virtuals routers

  • Internet connection

  • public IPs

  • Load Balances in the service model

  • constant bandwidth Internet connection

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Security services

Security services include:

  • authentication and authorization service (OpenStack Keystone)

  • access groups

  • virtual firewall in the network layer

  • VPN (VPNaaS)

  • software updates

Other services

Additional services include: 

  • solution for cloud management

  • reporting and monitoring general services

  • direct data connections to the platform

  • data market application

  • market application elements

  • engineering support and consulting

  • project implementation