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Our public clouds deliver thousands
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CloudFerro public clouds enable smooth, dynamic launching and secure data storage. We believe that transparency, ease of operation, and clarity are values that make better use of potential. In our private clouds, we provide data sets, the processing of which generates value for our customers.



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fast and mobile


Why choose the CloudFerro public cloud?

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Public cloud possibilities: API, Scalability, pay-as-you-go

We provide computing and storage resources available immediately. They can be run via API, command line (CLI), or interactively via the OpenStack Horizon interface. Dynamically launching virtual machines and volumes in the cloud can be used for design and prototyping, but also to respond to temporary load increases. Quickly created and decommissioned resources are billed with minute accuracy — you only pay for what you use.

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Dedicated hardware resources for public cloud

Dedicated hardware resources guarantee reliability, security, transparency, and operational reliability. We stand out from other suppliers with the flexibility and multitude of offers that allow for profiling and launching such resources. Dedicated resources are available as Virtual Machines on Dedicated Servers (VM.DS), Bare Metal servers, private clouds, and private storage spaces.

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Premium support as a standard

Experienced customer technical support specialists with unique competencies are waiting for all our customers' questions. We provide user support for our cloud environment, satellite products, satellite data processing applications, and help initiate a cloud environment on our infrastructure. We create extensive documentation that facilitates the transfer to our cloud.

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Compliance with EU requirements and values

We are a European company operating in full compliance with all regulations, as well as understanding and respecting the privacy of individuals and the freedom of access to data in the public domain. All our locations and clouds fully comply with regulations such as GDPR and are designed with the privacy of personal data in mind. At the same time, we provide one of the largest (18TB) satellite data repositories in Europe.

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Open Source that guarantees transparency

Where possible, we use Open Source solutions. We believe that free and open source software that is modifiable, as well as open and verifiable, is the best solution. We want our clouds to be freely adjustable in the future and to flexibly adapt to the changing tasks they face.

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Truly predictable budgeting

Our offer is understandable and predictable. We do not use complex, set price lists that require spending many hours on analysis and testing to choose the best way to run the environment. We want the cloud to be not only reliable, scalable and profitable, but also predictable and simple.


Discover CREODIAS platform

CREODIAS is a public cloud with an integrated repository of Earth observation data, the size of which exceeds 28 PB.

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