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EO Cloud Platform

EO Cloud platform - within the frames of the European Space Agency’s project EO Innovative Platform Testbed Poland (EO IPT) we have built in Poland a vast repository of Earth observational data collected by satellites from the whole world and a processing platform connected to it. CloudFerro, together with its Partners, has built the infrastructure and is also responsible for the services enabling commercial and scientific users to obtain and process satellite data.

Access to the Platform is paid, however, members of the scientific community are treated preferentially. Companies providing commercial services of processing data from the satellites will be able to use a dedicated system operating on the basis of the CloudFerro EO Cloud infrastructure.

If you are interested in a trial access, please apply for >>> a Test Credit

EO Data Finder

On the basis of the complete data from the whole world and from the whole period of operation obtained by satellites Sentinel-2, Envisat, Landsat-2, Landsat-5, Landsat-7 and the so-called ESA/Landsat-8, Sentinel-1 GRD and parto of Sentinel-1 SLC data we have built an enormous repository of satellite data, where currently nearly 5000 TB of data is available to our users and customers.

EO Data Finder allows finding satellite photographs and data from any place in the world. The extent and validity are the biggest advantages of the data offered by CloudFerro. After finding the data it can be processed on instances within the frames of the EO Cloud or can be downloaded to the customer’s environment.

The data searching service is available to general public, however, downloading of data requires an account in the CloudFerro EO Cloud system.

Learn more about >>> EO Data Finder

Computing power in the service model

We offer our customers dedicated servers, private and public cloud and virtual data centers with complete administration.

    - Private computing clouds with storage: block and object, based on OpenStack software.

    - Dedicated physical servers integrated with OpenStack cloud within the frames of a single user interface.

    - Other additional services, such as IP addressing, data transmission, anti-DDoS protection.

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CloudFerro is a Polish technological start-up. It was established at the beginning of 2015 by a group of experienced executives of IT and telco business.

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