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Our competences



About 80% of the team members have a technical education and are mostly specialized in IT systems and network management, software development, or electronics.

Our team counts over 80 people, highly experienced local IT specialists with unique competencies: engineers and managers, skilled and dynamic programmers and network administrators, customer support experts, and project managers with an excellent track record. 

  • Project Management 

  • Systems Research & Development 

  • Data Scientists with EO expertise 

  • Software Development 

  • Systems management 

  • Hardware & Procurement  

  • Customer Support, 3 lines of local support 

  • Security  

  • Quality 

CloudFerro organization reflects the need to provide uninterrupted services of big, often highly specialized ICT platforms to a large number of very heterogeneous customers. We are able to scale up our systems, address their evolution, manage problems, and design and conduct new projects maintaining a high level of our services.  

The right approach to continuous improvement of our processes, managed within an Integrated Quality and Information Security Management System has been confirmed and reflected in ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification.  


servers managed in our OpenStack based clouds 

100 PB 

installed and operated cloud storage 

125 TB 

RAM in our clouds 

30 PB 

Earth Observation data we provide with direct, ‘local’ access 


measured availability of our public CREODIAS platform 

40 000 

users of our cloud services