We depend on reliable solutions and thus the offered services are based on OpenStack technology, which is currently the fastest developing platform of Cloud Computing started by an American company RackSpace and NASA.

Currently, cloud solutions based on OpenStack are used, among others, by Cisco, Dell, Intel, HP and IBM.

OpenStack is an exceptionally flexible platform on the basis of which we are offering reliable cloud computing services. It allows us to build both private and public cloud infrastructure. OpenStack runs flexible cloud applications scaled horizontally. Thus instead of using highly available but costly solutions, we may run application which has this technology natively integrated and is resistant to failures of a virtual machine.

From the customer’s point of view, this technology allows to adjust size of the infrastructure depending on current needs and increases efficiency in managing life cycle of particular instances’, said Stanisław Dałek, Chief Technology Officer, CloudFerro.

The most significant advantages of OpenStack are:

1. High scalability of instances and ability to operate faultlessly on many servers

2. Module architecture which allows to manage particular elements of a “cloud” without influencing the whole solution

3. Extensive API and remote access: users can manage by means of a WWW interface, via a command line or API.

4. Complete control over all the elements and costs connected to the managing of infrastructure in a cloud.


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CloudFerro is a Polish technological start-up. It was established at the beginning of 2015 by a group of experienced executives of IT and telco business.

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