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03 October 2023

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem becomes the main Copernicus data dissemination endpoint

Please be informed that from November 1st 2023, the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem will become the main dissemination endpoint for the Copernicus data.
30 September 2023

New VM line with local storage now available in WAW3-2 cloud

Users can now benefit from a new line of HMDA virtual machines in the CloudFerro WAW3-2 cloud region.
21 August 2023

CloudFerro in aerOS project

CloudFerro contributes to the European research project aerOS that aims to design and build a virtualized, platform-neutral meta operating system for the IoT edge-cloud continuum.
27 July 2023

CloudFerro converts into a joint stock company

Since July 26th 2023 CloudFerro has been operating as a Joint Stock Company under the name CloudFerro S.A.
10 July 2023

Monika Krzyżanowska from CloudFerro elected to EARSC Board of Directors

Monika Krzyżanowska, Business Development Director at CloudFerro, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC).
27 June 2023

CREODIAS 2.0 launched

A new version of CREODIAS portal has just been launched featuring improved UX, new customer portal, new ticketing system, and many more!
26 June 2023

CloudFerro plans converting into a joint stock company

CloudFerro plans converting to joint stock company
20 June 2023

Summary of CloudFerro conference celebrating 25th anniversary of the Copernicus Programme

On June 15th 2023, CloudFerro organized a conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Copernicus Programme aimed at the Polish public administration, government agencies, science and business.

News archive

19 June 2023

CloudFerro wins EARSC EO Company Award 2023

30 May 2023

CloudFerro WAW3-2 and FRA1-2 regions announced for CREODIAS

10 May 2023

CloudFerro starts cooperation with VHR imagery provider AxelSpace

02 May 2023

The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem – what’s new?

30 April 2023

New CREODIAS 2.0 is coming

29 March 2023

CloudFerro builds Data Lake for EUMETSAT

16 January 2023

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem – EARSC EOCafe discussion

02 January 2023

WAW3-1 cloud upgraded

20 December 2022

CloudFerro and its Partners are building Copernicus Data Access Service

22 November 2022

CloudFerro successfully relocates ECMWF cloud to Bologna

10 October 2022

Seize the beauty of our Planet – cast your vote in the contest

20 September 2022

Join the contest 'Seize the Beauty of our Planet'

15 September 2022

Planet VHR imagery on CREODIAS

05 September 2022

CREODIAS 2.0 – Earth Observation platform of the future

15 August 2022


21 July 2022

CloudFerro launched EO-Lab

14 July 2022

Old but gold- historical EO data available online and commonly used

05 July 2022

CREODIAS 2.0 – new development

29 June 2022

Funding opportunity for your Earth Observation project

15 June 2022

EO4UA gains momentum

07 June 2022

CloudFerro joins OpenInfra Foundation

27 May 2022

Living Planet Symposium 2022

29 April 2022

Air quality dashboards

13 April 2022

CloudFerro signs a contract with Argentine SpaceSUR

20 March 2022

EO4UA - assessing damages in Ukraine

14 March 2022

CloudFerro WAW3-1 Public Cloud GA

25 February 2022

Another contract for cloud services for EUMETSAT

09 February 2022

New VHR images - MAXAR

31 January 2022

AGROTECH contract signed

22 December 2021

CloudFerro joins EU Cloud Alliance

06 October 2021

Contest for best image of climate change

12 August 2021

Airbus imagery available in CloudFerro offer

22 July 2021

CloudFerro systems security certificates

21 June 2021

CloudFerro in a new data centre

17 June 2021

CloudFerro joins the European GAIA-X project

17 May 2021

EU Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud

06 May 2021

CloudFerro is the provider of cloud services for the archive of the European Space Agency

12 April 2021

CloudFerro in the AI4Copernicus project

18 March 2021

CloudFerro has become a Copernicus Relay

05 March 2021

CloudFerro participates in the European Space Agency’s Digital Twin Earth Precursor

15 February 2021

OCRE funds for scientific use of cloud services on CREODIAS

10 February 2021

Large-scale data storage to power research and industry

04 February 2021


21 January 2021

New video tutorials

04 January 2021

CREODIAS in numbers in 2020

29 December 2020

A new family of HMD cloud instances

21 December 2020

CloudFerro becomes qualified OCRE cloud service provider

07 December 2020

CEPH Live Hack Webinar

03 December 2020

H2020 project CANDELA has now been finalized

20 November 2020

Webinar "How to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing"

12 November 2020

CloudFerro remote transfer for EODATA with S3 Protocol