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17 June 2021

CloudFerro joins the European GAIA-X project

CloudFerro joins the European GAIA-X project
17 May 2021

EU Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud

CloudFerro is one of 27 leading European companies who have devised a roadmap for next generation European cloud
06 May 2021

CloudFerro is the provider of cloud services for the archive of the European Space Agency

CloudFerro is the provider of cloud services for the archive of the European Space Agency
12 April 2021

CloudFerro in the AI4Copernicus project

CloudFerro contributes its cloud computing resources and expertise to the AI4Copernicus project.
18 March 2021

CloudFerro has become a Copernicus Relay

CloudFerro has officially become a Copernicus Relay, joining a network of companies and institutions that help promote Copernicus Earth Observation Programme.
05 March 2021

CloudFerro participates in the European Space Agency’s Digital Twin Earth Precursor

CloudFerro is delivering technology expertise to the Precursor phase of the Digital Twin Earth project carried out by the European Space Agency
15 February 2021

OCRE funds for scientific use of cloud services on CREODIAS

Fully funded cloud services for science on CREODIAS thanks to OCRE
10 February 2021

Large-scale data storage to power research and industry

CREODIAS is able to serve large buckets with a total throughput exceeding 2 PB of data - enough to handle Digital Twin Earth and large scale research projects.

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04 February 2021


21 January 2021

New video tutorials

04 January 2021

CREODIAS in numbers in 2020

29 December 2020

A new family of HMD cloud instances

21 December 2020

CloudFerro becomes qualified OCRE cloud service provider

07 December 2020

CEPH Live Hack Webinar

03 December 2020

H2020 project CANDELA has now been finalized

20 November 2020

Webinar "How to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing"

12 November 2020

CloudFerro remote transfer for EODATA with S3 Protocol