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Storage for BIG data

A rich collection
of Earth Observation data



An integral part of our public cloud is the access to one of Europe's largest repositories for Earth observation data.

Data collections from satellites available from our cloud platform:

  • Copernicus:
    • Sentinel-1 (Radar),
    • Sentinel-2 (Optical, multispectral),
    • Sentinel-3 (Meteorological),
    • Sentinel-5p (Spectroscopic - atmosphere composition),
    • Landsat,
    • Envisat,
    • Copernicus Services.
  • VHR (Very High-Resolution) data is provided by satellites from China and Kazakhstan. Very High-Resolution products are available on a commercial basis and are available as:
    • Images from the archive
    • New tasking images
    • Video clips on 4K resolution

The data in our repository is available locally, directly from our public cloud, and is additionally enriched with a wide set of interfaces (object-oriented S3, file NFS, geospatial OGC WMS/WMTS).
They are accessed almost immediately after being acquired from satellites (in the case of Copernicus and Landsat) - automatically downloaded minutes after publication and indexed. Currently, there are dozens PB of observation data available. The repository is growing by 20TB on average every day.

Thanks to platforms such as CREODIAS and WEkEO provided by us, there is no need to make investments and build your own infrastructure or download data to external processing platforms.

Earth observation data collections available from our public cloud.


Datasets Products Instrument Locally Held
Sentinel-1A & Sentinel-1B GRD SAR C-BAND Full archive
RAW Last 6 month
SLC - Europe: full archive
- Last 6 months / orderable
Sentinel-2A & Sentinel-2B L1C MSI Full archive
L2A - Orderable */**
- Cached ***
Sentinel-3A & Sentinel-3B L1 SLSTR SLSTR Full archive
Sentinel-5P L1B TROPOMI Full archive
L2 ****
Landsat-5 L1G, L1T, L1GT TM Coverage of Europe (1984-2011)
Landsat-7 L1G, L1T, L1GT ET Coverage of Europe (1999-2017)
Landsat-8 L1T, L1GT OLI, OLI TIRS Coverage of Europe
Envisat L1 MERIS Global (2002-2012)
SMOS L1B, L1C, L2 MIRAS Global (2010-present)
S2GL - - Coverage of Europe (2017)


Datasets Products Data access
CAMS (Atmosphere) All collections Accessible over S3 or NFS protocol
CEMS (Emergency) All collections Accessible over S3 or NFS protocol
CLMS (Land) All collections Accessible over S3 or NFS protocol
CMEMS (Marine) All collections Accessible over S3 or NFS protocol


Datasets Products Instrument Estimated locally held Data access
DEM Mapez SRTM, others Aggregation of several DEM sources Accessible over S3 or NFS protocol
SRTM SRTM Global (56S, 60N, 180W, 180E)
February 2000
Accessible over S3 or NFS protocol
Jason-3 Altimeter Altimeter Since mission began Accessible over S3 or NFS protocol

Very High Resolution commercial data


Dataset Product type Spatial resolution Revisit cycle Spectral band



Panchromatic: 0,72 m
Multi-spectral: 2,88 m
Video: 0,92 m

3.3 days

Panchromatic: 612nm-794nm
Blue: 457nm-526nm
Green: 540nm-595nm
Red: 628nm-688nm
Simulated NIR: 700nm-800nm


Our EO Data repository is one of the largest Ceph-based network storage instances in Europe.

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