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Cloud for Earth Observation

Cloud computing platform
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We provide cloud computing services integrated with the satellite data repository. Two out of five European Copernicus DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) platforms operate on CloudFerro.

  •  The first one is the CREODIAS platform launched for ESA (European Space Agency). Within the framework of CREODIAS, we provide cloud services with access to EO (Earth Observation Data).

  •  The second platform, WEkEO DIAS, was built for a consortium led by EUMETSAT. The WEkEO platform is focused on meteorological and climatic applications, and as CloudFerro we provide hybrid cloud services and access to the Copernicus data repository.

  •  Additionally, on behalf of the German Aerospace Agency DLR (Deutsche Luftfahrt und Raumfahrt Agentur), we are just launching services of the German Copernicus Collaborative Hub platform CODE-DE

Earth Observation Cloud Platforms




CREODIAS is a platform that combines public cloud computing, access to a satellite image repository, and a range of applications that allow users to search, view, and process satellite products. The structure of the environment gives users access to a variety of remote sensing data and computing resources to process them, thus guaranteeing simplicity, scalability, and repeatability of processes and production chains. 
Please visit CREODIAS platform.





WEkEO makes Copernicus data from the Sentinel satellites available in a package with unique Partner data, including marine, land, atmosphere, and climate monitoring services. The offer includes cloud computing packages enriched with integrated service delivery tools to create commercial business solutions.The WEkEO platform aims to provide free, unlimited, and full access to data and information from Copernicus (data, information, software, storage, processing) as a service. Institutions wishing to use the platform are given the opportunity to offer their users advanced services integrating Copernicus with their own data and tools. 
Visit WEkEO to learn more about it.





CODE-DE is a German Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform. Users can visualize satellite data and Copernicus products concerning Germany. They also receive a secure working environment and several applications and data processing tools.
CODE-DE cloud computing infrastructure and satellite data for Germany are stored in the local data center in Frankfurt am Main. Users can also benefit from synergy with CREODIAS platform, which is one of the European Copernicus DIAS. Both platforms work together to ensure efficient use of resources, but also autonomy for key national processes.
For more information please visit the CODE-DE platform.


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