Data Center

Data Center

Our dedicated servers and computing clouds – public and private – are located in specialized, neutral data centers (DC).

We choose the most important objects of the most well-known operators in the field. Currently our servers are located at two independent sites in Warsaw. Both server rooms have been designed in the Tier III compliant standard.  This means the highest guarantees in the area of:

- continuous powering, supported via two separate powering tracks from the city, two tracks of the UPS devices, secured with power generators and two ways powering to each rack

- indoor ambient conditions provided via precise air-conditioning working in the N+1 system and gaseous extinguishing systems

- access control compliant with the Polish standards and ISO 27001.

Both data centers are certified for their compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards and provide complete telecom neutrality.


Fabryczna 5A

00-446 Warsaw

+48 22 354 65 73

Who we are

CloudFerro is a Polish technological start-up. It was established at the beginning of 2015 by a group of experienced executives of IT and telco business.

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