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'Seize the beauty of our planet'

Together for green Earth!




Take part in our contest for satellite images of Earth showing climate change and win eco-friendly prizes

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the 2nd edition of our competition “Seize the beauty of our planet” for the best satellite image of the Earth. This year we focus on the climate change, the negative effects it causes to our planet and the need to counteract them. That is why, the contest motto is: Together for green Earth!

The unprecedented weather and climate events we are observing now clearly demonstrate that we need to take proper care for our precious home. Wildfires, hurricanes, floods and droughts are direct consequences of global warming caused by unwise actions and negligence, and they are becoming a new normal for more and more communities. With our contest, we want to emphasize how alarming the situation to motivate all the citizens to unite and take a better care  of our planet.


How to take part in the contest?

In order to take part in the contest, you need to submit ONE image of your choice generated on one of the platforms developed and operated by CloudFerro – CREODIAS, WEkEO or CODE-DE. The images should demonstrate the consequences of climate change and global warming as captured by satellites in recent years. See: 'Image quality and other requirements' below.

Whether you are an advanced researcher with years of experience in using satellite data or you are only beginning your journey with Earth Observation, please be invited to participate in our contest. 

The images should be obtained on CREODIAS , WEkEO or CODE-DE platform by means of tools available on these platforms (on CREODIAS and CODE-DE - choose: Finder tool, on WEkEO choose: Explore data) and visualized in a dedicated software of your choice.


Not sure how to generate and prepare an image for the contest?

Join our short online workshop on October 26th - in just 1 hour our expert will explain it step by step. REGISTER HERE.

We have also prepared a short video tutorial How to download EO data using EO Finder at CREODIAS and visualise it in QGIS.


Selection process and prizes

All the submitted images will be put to the vote of the general public and a Jury. First 7 winners will be chosen by a popular online vote. The other 6 winners will be selected by a Jury consisting of the representatives of CloudFerro and its business partners. Altogether, 13 images will be selected as winners.

The authors of the 3 images that will receive the largest number of votes will be awarded with attractive eco-friendly prizes:

  • a reMarkable digital notebook  (1st place) LINK,

  • an eco-friendly House of Marley portable speaker (2nd place) LINK,
  • a Green Cell solar charger/power bank (3rd place) LINK,

The authors of the remaining 10 places will receive a set of CloudFerro gadgets.

The winning images will be published on CloudFerro website and in our calendar for 2022.

See the winning images of 2020 contest.


Dates and deadlines to save

  • The contest starts on October 6th 2021 and the entries should be submitted by October 31st  2021 in jpg format.
  • The online voting will take place from November 2nd 2021 12:00 (noon) CET until November 15th 2021 12:00 (noon) CET.
  • The winners will be announced by CloudFerro at its website www.cloudferro.com on November 16th 2021, and in addition each winner will be contacted by CloudFerro representatives at the email provided in the submission form.


Image quality and other requirements

Apart from the esthetical aspects and the relation to climate change, the image must meet a minimum requirement of  250 dpi, 4200 x 3000 pixels. Please upload your image via the form at the bottom of this page.  Only ONE image can be submitted by each contestant. The image can be enhanced with EO or photo editing software but it must NOT contain any text or additional graphic elements such as labels, logos or similar.


Where will the images be used?

The images meeting the requirements will be used in CloudFerro communication to promote Copernicus programme and European values and they will be published in online and print communication materials. The 13 winning images will also be published in a wall calendar for 2022 prepared by CloudFerro.


How will I receive my award if I win?

The prizes will be dispatched by post or courier (unless there are no external obstacles to do so) to the address provided by the winner.

Please see the details of the contest Terms and Conditions (PDF).


Please submit your image using the form below.

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Should you have any questions, please contact us at communication@cloudferro.com