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The biggest platforms
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CloudFerro customers are industry-leading companies, international organizations, and scientific institutions that produce and store large data sets. These are the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) or EUMETSAT, and many others. We are proud to present below the platforms we have provided and are operating, our record of excellence, and a confirmation of our exceptional skills and readiness to take on challenges.

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CREODIAS is a cloud computing environment with an integrated multi-petabyte repository of Earth observation satellite data. One of five DIAS platforms, built and operated by CloudFerro on behalf of ESA under the Copernicus program.
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The German platform providing Earth observation data, enabling the processing of data obtained under the European Copernicus program, developed and operated by CloudFerro. Users can benefit from synergies with other DIAS platforms.
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The EO-Lab cloud for German scientists and developers, commissioned by the German Space Agency.
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The DIAS hybrid cloud computing, built and operated by CloudFerro on behalf of the consortium, led by EUMETSAT, providing access to satellite data, in particular for monitoring the marine, terrestrial, atmosphere and climate environment.
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Copernicus Climate Data Store

Hybrid cloud computing providing access to climate data, climate analyzes, forecasts and indicators in time and space scales, built and operated by CloudFerro on behalf of ECMWF.
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AgroTech: Innovative system of crop classification and crop change detection technology, through the analysis of satellite images using advanced machine learning algorithms.
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EO IPT is an innovative project implemented for the needs of ESA, aiming to explore the possibilities of using Big Data technology in a cloud computing dedicated to processing Earth observation data.
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Green Edge Processing

Task processing in a distributed infrastructure powered by RES