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02 December 2022

How can satellite remote sensing help analyse forests?

The development of technology and the integration of satellite data with environmental models have given us the ability to observe the Earth on a large scale. One of the tools used to monitor the state of the environment, especially complex ecosystems such as forests, is satellite remote sensing.
03 August 2022

Computing Cloud as a perfect environment for Big EO data repositories

Copernicus is the European Union's Earth Observation (EO) programme managed by the European Commission. The main goal of the programme is to observe our planet and its environment to benefit all European citizens.
07 July 2022

How satellite data can be used to improve comfort of city residents

The use of Earth Observation (EO) data contributes to smart city management helping to reduce harmful effects of urban heat island phenomenon and improve the quality of life.
09 May 2022

How does Horizon Europe support innovative EO projects?

Get funding for sustainable innovative solutions based on EO data, AI, machine learning and Big data analysis with Horizon Europe programme.
06 April 2022

Why do we need European digital sovereignty?

From the publication of the EU Data Strategy and the Data Governance Act or the launching of Gaia-X and a variety of upcoming sectoral data spaces there is a whirlwind of policy that one needs to keep track of to stay abreast. But that could all change.
13 March 2022

Power of Large-scale data storage

Learn more about storage of European and global research industry