About CloudFerro

About CloudFerro

CloudFerro (CLFR) is a Polish technological company established at the beginning of 2015 by a group of managers with over 20 years of experience in the ICT business

Data centers and the servers located there are at the heart of modern digital universe. Most of the data processing and storage, as well as most transmission on the Internet, currently takes place in data centers.

CloudFerro as an experienced Partner wants to provide the market with services that will facilitate customers' access to the digital ecosystem located in servers around the world.

CloudFerro services are based on a consistent cloud computing system within which CloudFerro provides its customers with the most important elements of the IT infrastructure, made available in a service model (IaaS):

Shared public computing cloud is based on OpenStack software and includes:
  1. Virtual Machines (VM – Virtual Machine)
  2. Block and object data storage, particularly big data
  3. Virtual networks enabling connections between virtual machines and communication with baremetal servers and private clouds
  4. Other added services (such as firewalls, loadbalancers, etc.)
Dedicated bare-metal servers integrated within one user's interface with the OpenStack cloud
Dedicated private clouds also based on  OpenStack
Other additional services, such as domains, IP addresses, Internet access and data transmission between data centers, antiDDoS protection services, software.

CloudFerro offers services both directly to business customers and in the white-label model, e.g. to operators willing to implement computing cloud or its section for its customers.

Why CloudFerro

Reliable solutions offered by CloudFerro integrate a consistent technological model based on the OpenStack software with a deep knowledge of the telecom business and data centers.

The technological model consists of a user interface and a unique on the Polish market complete integration of a computing cloud and dedicated servers. Additionally, we offer an extensive API, which allows for a complete integration of CloudFerro services with a customer's platform.

Customers of CloudFerro

The basis of CloudFerro operation is trust and long-term relation with the customer. That is why all the services provided by the company are highly reliable and available.

Customers of CloudFerro are Polish and foreign companies including telecom operators and IT integrators, who are willing to offer coherent and reliable computing cloud platform.

CloudFerro services used by our customers are most of all dedicated servers rental, public, private and hybrid computing cloud services for operating hardware, virtual and telecom platforms, as well as telecom services in the area of neutral data centers.


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Who we are

CloudFerro is a Polish technological start-up. It was established at the beginning of 2015 by a group of experienced executives of IT and telco business.

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