Very High Resolution imagery

Detailed Earth Observation data

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The demand for data accuracy increases from project to project. To meet the requirements of users, we gathered suppliers of very high-resolution (VHR) images.

Thanks to the variety of products, together with our users we can choose the best possible solution. Commercial satellite data is a perfect match in the projects which require a more detailed area of interest or there is a need to fulfill the Copernicus data.

EO DATA+, VHR satellite data

Like in the Copernicus mission, the data provided may be available in different variants in commercial satellites. Users can take advantage of multispectral data, night and radar images, as well as the possibility of obtaining video recordings in 4K resolution.

VHR satellite images have many industrial applications and provide huge amounts of spatial information for the military, land resources, agriculture, transport, and urban economy.

In order to diversify and fully open up opportunities to our customers, we have established cooperation with various suppliers so that everyone can find the ideal solution for their project.

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VHR commercial data providers

Discover the World of Satellite Imagery

The market for satellite imagery is constantly growing. Like any commercial segment, this one is also enriched with ever better solutions. Knowing the demand of customers, we want to offer a variety of types of this service. Below we present our partners from all over the world who provide “products from orbit” for us and our customers:

The satellite imaging market is expanding and improving, and we aim to meet customer demands by offering a range of services. Our partners from around the world provide us and our customers with various “products from orbit” for us and our customers.

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Check all very high-resolution providers

The market for satellite imagery is constantly growing.

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VHR satellite imagery - Group 968


CG Satellite

KG Space Technology

SI Imaging Service


Airbus Defense and Space is a leading supplier of complete satellite systemsEarth observation. Airbus offers access to imagery sourced by constellationsoptical and radar satellites, which are characterized by very high resolution- spatial and temporal - a short visit period, some satellites are found twiceduring the day in the same place on Earth.

Available data from Airbus offer:

  • Pléiades 1A & 1B
  • Spot 6/7
  • Vision-1
  • Radar constellation (TerraSAR-X,TanDEM-X, PAZ)
  • SpotMaps1.5 & 2.5
  • Elevation 30
  • Elevation 1/4/8/10
  • WorldDEM
  • GCPs
  • DMC Constellation
  • SMART Report


Example imagery data

VHR satellite imagery - image 19

Changguang Satellite Technology (CG Satellite)

Chinese operator of Jilin-1 constellation can provide different satellite products such from the archiveand new acquisition which can be tasked with chosen properties by the end-user. Our first partner provides new tasking images and archival ones.The constellation is one of the few to provide standard luminous(nighttime) images as well as 4K videos.

Example imagery data

VHR satellite imagery - image 21

Kazachstan Gharysh Sapary (KGS Space Technology)

The operator of the Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstanand the high-accuracy satellite navigation system services of the Republic of Kazakhstan.KGS provides images from KazEOSat-1 and KazEOSat-2. KGS also offers an onlinearchive platform for searching for products. KGS as a national operator of the Earthremote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides consumerswith a wide range of geoproducts, services for the creation of geographic informationsystems, geoservices, and navigation services.

Example imagery data

VHR satellite imagery - image 23


The exclusive worldwide distributor of very high-resolution satellite imagery of Korean missionKOMPSAT, series KOMPSAT-2, KOMSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A and KOMPSAT-5.A large group of satellite data users implements KOMPSAT imagery in many different areas,as agriculture, environment, or crisis management.

Example imagery data

VHR satellite imagery - image 25

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