Area Monitoring System as a Service

As a next step of supporting The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union, GeoVille provides unique AMS solution powered by CloudFerro's cloud and EODATA - Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem repository.

AMS as a Service, as a complete service, is the next step after the Sen4CAP solution and the product features were developed based on it.

Area Monitoring System as a Service - amsaas

Sen4CAP Premium

Geoville's Premium Monitoring products deliveres:

  • Service based on the as a Service model
  • In-season delivery + monthly product update + GSAA versioning
  • Product properties evolved from Sen4CAP basis
  • Commercial Operations
  • Quality report for each product
  • Relevant meta data such as signals
  • Database access as well as visualization in GUI
  • VHR/HHR integration available

Product overview

Area Monitoring System as a Service - image 8
  • Variable crop grouping in between deliveries
  • Increasing performance over the season
  • Care about overfitting
  • >90 over all accuracy with more than 60 classes
Area Monitoring System as a Service - image 9
  • In-house development
  • Harvest for > 98 percent of parcels are detected
  • >80 percent precision and recall
Area Monitoring System as a Service - image 10
  • Over 1 million permanent grassland parcels are monitored
  • Detected per grassland type/mowing rules
  • Sign. better than Sen4CAP implementation
Area Monitoring System as a Service - image 11
  • Verifies FL/PG/PC changes
  • Identifies bare soil exposure and crop/plant cover periods
  • In-house development
  • Based on topological models
  • >85 percent accuracy

All components of the offered platform as well as the computing environment is fully Compliant with EU regulations and requirements.

EU 2021/2115Definition of eligible land uses and details of Permanent Grassland with Established Local Practices (PG-ELP); new GAECs; primary role of crop type distinction in CbMAMS
EU 2021/2116
“Horizontal Regulation” (HZR)
Request for “ … procedure of regular and systematic observation, tracking and assessment of agricultural activities and practices on agricultural areas by Copernicus Sentinels satellite data or other data with at least equivalent value.”  - to be operational stepwise from January 2023 (AMS); 2025 (70% only by geo-tagged photos)Platform
EU 2022/1172 Supplementing RegulationNote: AMS QA still under evaluationQuality
EU 2022/1173
Implementing Regulation
(“new IACS”)
Area Monitoring of (as a minimum):
(a) presence of ineligible area, in particular due to permanent structures;
(b) presence of ineligible land use;
(c) change in the category of agricultural area whether it is arable land, permanent crop or permanent grassland
AMS “New

Premium Products - IACS regulation

Area Monitoring System as a Service - image 1

Presence of ineligible area, in particular due to permanent structures - Monitoring of changes of soil sealing due to substitution of original (semi-) natural land cover with artificial, often impervious cover

Area Monitoring System as a Service - image006

Presence of non-homogenous land use: FOI validation and spatial cardinality - parcel homogeneity indicators accompanied by metadata to support traceability

Area Monitoring System as a Service - image 6

Change in the category of agricultural area - Monitoring of changes between arable land, permanent crops, and permanent grassland

GeoVille Premium Products
Subscription Package - Bundle

  • Sentinel-1 / Sentinel-2 and PlanetFusion based Monitoring products
  • Level 3 Products – monthly updated
    • NDVI, COHE_VV, COHE_VH, PF Signals
  • Level 4 Products, includes
    • Crop Type Product
    • Grassland Monitoring
    • Harvest Detection
    • Crop Cover (Fallow Land, Permanent Green Cover and NFC/Catch Crops)
    • Imperviousness
    • Change
    • Homogeneity

  • Monthly updated GSAA declarations
    • possibly changed declaration
    • possibly changed parcel geometry
  • Access to products via
    • API for direct access (database-database)
    • within Web App
  • Quality Report for each product
    • In-Situ validation for each product
    • Statistical report for Quality Assurance
  • Set-up and Service provision
    • Fast setup and product delivery
    • SLA based guaranteed delivery

A proposition to Paying Agencies

or incumbent suppliers

  • Outsourcing of Checks by Monitoring and Area Monitoring System to Industry
  • Compliant with latest regulations
  • Sen4CAP compatible products – as a Service
  • Implementation of local CAP strategies/policies
  • Managed IT/cloud environment
  • API access
  • WebGUI/widgets
  • Fast time to operations and guaranteed product delivery
  • Flexible integration and pricing options according to specifications

Individual offer

In order to meet the needs, expectations and trust of Paying Agencies and the companies that support them, we provide assistance in selecting the necessary components of our solution. We will support you with consultation at the level of requirements, implementation, integration and maintenance of the system.

If you have any questions, in connection with the offer, would like to receive a tailored to your needs - write to Sales Department through Contact form.