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CloudFerro operates cloud infrastructure in 9 European locations and delivers tens of petabytes of data daily.

EODATA Earth Observation data available for all users

CloudFerro guarantees the availability of a substantial public Earth Observation (EO) data repository. It encompasses almost the entire dataset captured by Sentinel satellites, with rare exceptions. This allows users immediate access to a wide array of data types including Sentinel-1 SLC and GRD, L2 OCN, Sentinel-2 L1C, L2A (inclusive of Collection 1 reprocessed data), as well as Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5P L1 and L2 data, complemented by Copernicus Contributing Missions data. The repository is all-encompassing, featuring a full archive that is continually kept up-to-date. Currently, there is no other unified infrastructure in the world that provides access to such an extensive range of data.

Together with the data offering, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to facilitate navigation, search, and processing of this data. This includes a standardized API for efficient data searching, a data explorer for visualizing the data, and S3 access to the satellite products themselves.

European Cloud Locations

European Cloud Locations

CloudFerro operates five distinct public clouds: WAW3-2, WAW3-1, WAW4-1, FRA1-2, and CF2, each functioning autonomously within a unified billing and user management system. The company's headquarters are in Poland, with operations spanning three countries. Additionally, CloudFerro has a presence in tens of private cloud locations, ensuring extensive coverage across most of the EU. This extensive network underlines CloudFerro's ability to deploy new clouds of almost any size within any EU country in just 3 months from ordering. This is one of the source of our reputation as a capable European company adept at providing versatile private and public cloud services throughout Europe.

Check out our webinar "Introduction to Kubernetes as a Service on CREODIAS WAW3-1 cloud". During the webinar, You will learn how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster from your CloudFerro environment and deploy your containerized.

Read more about CloudFerro as a European company.

Open source - Our philosophy of creating clouds

We build our clouds on leading open-source frameworks and tools: OpenStack for cloud management, Ceph for distributed storage, Kubernetes for container orchestration, Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, ELK for log processing. Open-source gives us the flexibility to extend, fine-tune and combine existing components with our own software. CloudFerro firmly believes in the open-source business model and we are active committers to the upstream open-source projects we use.

Clients benefit from standardized industrial APIs consistent with other providers, deeper insights into cloud and storage mechanisms, a stable software development path, and the capacity to work with various providers while maintaining consistent service and integration capabilities.

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