White Label Public Clouds

CloudFerro offers comprehensive white label cloud solutions, encompassing all necessary components to deliver a public cloud experience to your customers. Our complete package includes multiple OpenStack clouds, customized OS images, Ceph storage, billing, an IAM system with 2FA authentication, a client panel, a data ingestion engine, and DataExplorer for data visualization. Additionally, we provide a suite of UI tools for clients to manage all listed interfaces. From a deployment standpoint, we provide complete solutions starting from the rack level, including colocation and power services.

Versatile Deployment Options

We operates across various locations in Europe, offering clients the flexibility to choose a site that best meets their needs. In addition to geographical considerations, such as proximity to their operational base, we also take into account factors like the availability of green energy, total carbon footprint, space for future expansion, and the ease of establishing desired connectivity. Based on a deep understanding of client requirements and SLA considerations, we provide expert advice to ensure the most suitable option is selected. Many clients opt for their own data centers, where we seamlessly integrate our white label cloud services into theyr infrastructure.

Benefits of White Label Cloud Services

White Label Cloud Services offer significant advantages, particularly in terms of customization, risk management, support, focus on core business tasks, and compliance with security standards. These services are inherently flexible, allowing businesses to tailor cloud solutions to specific client needs and market demands. This level of customization extends beyond just branding, encompassing functional aspects of the service to align with unique business models. Moreover, by opting for white label solutions, companies significantly reduce their operational and technological risks. These services are built on proven, reliable platforms, ensuring stability and minimizing the likelihood of technical issues.

White label solutions providers comprehensive support and maintenance to public cloud deployments, which is crucial for the continuous, smooth operation of services. This support extends to handling updates, security patches, and technical glitches, thereby unburdening businesses from these tasks. As a result, companies can redirect their focus and resources towards their core business activities, driving growth and innovation. In some cases we provide L1-L3 suppor services for all users.

Additionally, our services come with the assurance of compliance and security. We adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring that the infrastructure is not only secure but also meets regulatory requirements. This aspect is particularly beneficial for businesses and organizations that may not have the in-house expertise or staff to navigate the complex landscape of IT compliance and security.

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