CloudFerro's Identity Services are integral to ensuring secure and efficient user management in our cloud environments. At the heart of these services is KeyCloak, a system for user authentication and identity verification. KeyCloak is designed to simplify access control, providing a seamless and secure user experience. Alongside KeyCloak, we utilize Keystone for managing user roles and permissions specifically within the cloud infrastructure. Keystone plays a critical role in orchestrating various cloud operations, ensuring that access rights are appropriately assigned and managed.

One of the key features of our Identity Services is the possibility of identity federation with different providers. This feature enables users to integrate their existing identity systems with our services, facilitating a unified and streamlined authentication process across various platforms. The federation capability is particularly beneficial for organizations looking to maintain a consistent identity management system across multiple service providers, enhancing both convenience and security.


All Identity Services at CloudFerro are automatically provisioned upon registration or when deploying services. This automation ensures that as soon as you begin your journey with us, your identity management setup is ready to go, with no additional setup required. This approach not only saves time but also ensures that your services are secured and managed efficiently from the outset.


All our Identity Services are provided free of charge. This policy underscores our commitment to delivering value-added services without additional financial burden, ensuring that our clients can focus on leveraging the cloud environment to its fullest potential with peace of mind.

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