Cloud Management Panel

As our client, you have the flexibility to manage our services through the Cloud Dashboard (OpenStack Horizon) or via dedicated service panels and user portals for specific services. Additionally, our extensive REST API mechanisms (OpenStack API, Finder API, billing API) offer advanced configuration and management capabilities. The graphical features of all panels correspond to API commands, ensuring that any command available through the Management Panel is also accessible via the API.

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Access to the client panel, dedicated to specific locations or services, is provided when setting up the client project in any location. The client panel is a highly geographically redundant service, designed to remain available whenever the service API is accessible. This allows you to manage the WAW3-1 cloud through the WAW3-2 panel, even if your project is not provisioned in WAW3-2.


Access to the client panel and API is provided free of charge. For certain services, there is a significant limit on API usage over a specified time period to maintain service stability. Please consult the documentation for detailed information.

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