VM related storage


By default VM related-storage is a fast NVMe network storage connected to individual Virtual Machines. It is directly available to the VM without the need for mounting or connecting network shares. The quantity of VM related storage reserved for a VM depends on the VM Flavor selected.


VM related storage is fast – it is based on performant Solid State Drives. Performance increases withnumber of vCPU avaiable for selected VM flavour.


VM storage can be used for fast, temporary or permanent data storage within a VM.

Provisioning and Billing

VMs include storage in their price, the amount of which is determined by the VM's flavor. If a user chooses to start a VM from Block Storage, they will be billed for the entire volume of that storage, irrespective of the storage included in the VM. Creating an image from this storage results in the creation of an SSD/NVMe image, which is billed at the same rate as SSD/NVMe block storage.


VM storage is closely associated with a given VM which has exclusive access to this type of storage. Once the VM is terminated, its VM storage disappears.

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