Image Service


The Image service holds VM base OS images and volume images. OS images are used to create a VM - they hold the VM's root filesystem. There are many prebuilt OS images available in the Cloud with different OSes such as Linux and Windows and preconfigured tools and libraries. We keep a backward repository of OS images. Volume images are copies of Volume Storage. A User can create a new Storage Volume or a new VM from the Image or keep it as a backup.


Images can be managed via the API and Cloud Dashboard. A Project/Tenant may have private images that are invisible to other Projects/Tenants. An image from one project can be shared with other projects. An image is also created when performing the shelve option on a VM, and depending on the settings, it may be required to delete it manually after VM restoration.

Limitations / Billing

Some software available in the form of images is free (or open source). Some however is used under commercial licenses. The use of such images is then billed according to the price list. Per usage billig is done according to real size of the data. FIX-Term billing is done based on the decalred

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