Dedicated Solutions

CloudFerro specializes in providing custom solutions that are seamlessly integrated with our public clouds. These dedicated services are kept separate from the resources available to our other customers, ensuring exclusive access. Often, these solutions are sought for unique requirements – whether it's a need for guaranteed computing resources, specific types of GPUs and FPGAs, dedicated network connections, or exceptionally efficient storage. These Dedicated Solutions are also crafted with a focus on enhanced security, adding an additional layer of separation to our standard resource pooling and provisioning processes. This approach not only increases security but also boosts performance by minimizing shared resource conflicts. Moreover, our dedicated offerings are adaptable, designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses in a dynamic digital landscape.

Use Cases and Applications

Compute servers featuring non-standard CPUs and different RAM-to-CPU ratios compared to typical servers offer unique customization for specific computational needs. These servers, with their varied RAM-to-CPU ratios and specialized CPUs, are ideal for tasks needing more memory or specific CPU capabilities, thereby boosting efficiency and performance. This tailored approach enables businesses to fine-tune their applications, minimizing resource wastage and ensuring smoother, more economical operations. On these servers, clients will be able to create VM flavors specifically dedicated to their requirements.

Servers with Non-Standard GPU or FPGA equipped with specialized GPUs or FPGAs, diverging from standard configurations to meet specific graphic or computational demands. Ideal for high-performance computing, AI, and machine learning tasks, these servers provide enhanced processing power and speed. Tailored to handle intensive workloads, they offer clients the ability to tackle specyfic computations with greater efficiency.

Servers with Dedicated Private Physical or External Network. Designed for clients requiring secure and high-speed network connections, these servers come with a dedicated preconfigured connectivity. This setup ensures a high level of security and performance, making it suitable for sensitive data transfers and operations demanding consistent network performance. The dedicated network minimizes external interferences and bottlenecks, providing a reliable and fast connection exclusive to the client's operations.

Servers with Dedicated Internal HDD or NVMe Storage focused on providing extensive storage capabilities, featuring a large number of HDDs or SSDs for dedicated internal storage. They are perfect for data-intensive tasks like big data analytics, heavy database workloads, and large-scale backup and archiving. Offering flexibility in storage capacity and speed, these servers can be customized with either HDDs for larger storage volume or SSDs for faster data access, catering to diverse storage demands while ensuring data integrity and quick retrieval.


After signing an agreement through our sales department, users can utilize these resources using the Horizon Dashboard, the REST API, a command-line client, or OpenStack Orchestration scripts (Heat). VMs can be connected to the network using virtual interfaces. Dedicated network interfaces are accessible through physical network cards available in the created resources. Clients will receive detailed instructions from our delivery managers on the best way to provision resources.


These resources can be billed in monthly or longer quanta (Fixed Term Mode).

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