Private cloud

Fully secure, dedicated private environment

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We specialize in launching and maintaining private clouds. We regularly launch large infrastructures containing dozens of compute servers.

We have created and maintained one of the largest storage based on CEPH in Europe with a data volume exceeding dozens of PB. Many of the Private Clouds maintained by us are located, provided, and maintained by clients. Most of these projects are implemented in the form of public procurement, and their correct implementation is confirmed by the most demanding clients such as the European Space Agency, ECMWF, and European Commission.

Private cloud - Solution tailored to your needs

An ideal solution for customers requiring greater security, physical separation, guaranteed resources, and independence of resources.

Private cloud provides all of the benefits of public cloud environments such as instant access, scalability, and the ability to work in a pay-per-use model for equipment while ensuring a fully secure, dedicated private environment.

We install our private clouds in separate server rooms in one of our ultra-secure Tier 3 data centers or in a location specified by the client, for whom we provide full administration and service support on-site. Very often, private clouds are integrated with existing client environments and connected to private networks or the Internet. We offer all our solutions in a pay-per-use model. We launch a typical private cloud within a few weeks of signing the contract.

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Experience with a big data and large scale storage

As one of the few companies in Europe, we design and work with very large volumes of data. We store dozens of PB data easily and reliably and can download and process hundreds of TB of data daily.

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No vendor lock-in

We use open software and hardware from suppliers that accept all market standards. Thanks to this, our solutions work in a predictably stable manner and are compatible with the services of other manufacturers.

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European company

We are a fully European company. All our projects and services are created following the spirit and law of the European Union. If you are looking for a supplier that meets all the strict requirements of your project, you've come to the right place.

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Certificates and insurance

We work in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, our servers are located in server rooms with IS 9001, ISO 27001, BSI certificates. We choose Data Centers that care for the environment and actively reduce energy consumption and impact on the climate while providing fault tolerance per the TIER3 standard.

Why to choose CloudFerro

Our offer is enthusiastically received by clients looking for scalable and reliable solutions. We provide transparent services, complete with full support throughout the entire project implemented entirely by our team. We implement all our projects based on open software and proven hardware solutions.

References from major projects

Our clients are one of the largest European organizations that operate gigantic data sets: ESA, ECMWS among others. We provide them with a variety of services from the private clouds and private data repositories delivery to building specialized public clouds available to all their clients. Check our projects.

Private cloud advantages

  • a physically separated infrastructure
  • full security and physical separation from other tenants
  • easy scalability of computing and storage
  • based on leading open source solutions - OpenStack and Ceph
  • reliability and high availability with fully redundant management plane, storage, compute, and networking
  • located in our Tier 3 datacenter or at your premises
  • fully maintained and administrated by CloudFerro
  • possible integration with internal customer infrastructure, authentication providers, etc.
  • cost-effective and scalable pay-per-use payment model - save on CAPEX and OPEX
  • TCO competitive with leading public clouds and with its own, self-managed infrastructure

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