CloudFerro builds its clouds based on OpenStack - widely deployed cloud framework

OpenStack - openstack

The World runs on OpenStack. How about you?

With 20 milion+ cores, OpenStack is the most widely deployed Open Source cloud framework in the world. Born from open collaboration, in 10 years of development, 21 releases, and over 8000 active developers, it has become a de-facto standard, powering the most critical public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures in the world. 

CloudFerro experience

CloudFerro has been building its clouds on OpenStack from the beginning. From our first deployments based on the „Juno” release back in 2014 to the newest „Ussuri”, our engineering teams have gained tremendous experience in integrating, operating, scaling, and developing OpenStack clouds. Our OpenStack installations service thousands of users, managing thousands of servers, Terabytes of RAM, and Petabytes of storage across Europe. Our dedicated team of OpenStack experts is available round-the-clock to help design your solutions and support your cloud ventures.

OpenStack - 6 cloud computing
Architecture wins technology wars

In the long term, better architecture always prevails. OpenStack has a well-established, clean, scalable, and extensible service-based architecture. All services authenticate through a common Identity Service. Services interact with each other through public APIs. Internally, services are composed of several processes with one common API process, that listens for API requests, preprocesses them, and passes them to other parts of the service. Processes communicate through a message broker. Process state is stored in a database that is replicated to provide redundancy. The stateless processes may be scaled horizontally to provide redundancy, high availability, and increase throughput. Users access services through a RESTfull API, Command Line Interface, or the Horizon dashboard. New services can be added to the system to provide additional functionality. OpenStack offers extensive system-wide security features, including centralized, token-based authentication and authorization, full mutli-tenancy support, user roles, granular access policies, secure key-management, in-flight and at rest data encryption. A custom tenant management, billing and resource procurement system developed by CloudFerro is integrated with OpenStack to provide billing and deployment services to customers.

OpenStack - data center
Rich, growing and integrated functionality

OpenStack provides a complete set of functionally rich services, including Virtual Machines, Bare Metal, Containers, Volume Storage, Object Storage, Backups, Database, Virtual Networking, Workload provisioning, Application Lifecycle Management. CloudFerro integrates these services with its own custom components and delivers them to customers in a cloud service model.

OpenStack - api
Industry-standard, well documented interfaces and APIs

Whenever possible, OpenStack reuses existing interfaces and API-s such as the AWS S3, CloudFormation, or libvirt. Other OpenStack APIs have become de-facto industry standards and are implemented in many open source and commercial tools and libraries. All the API endpoints are available from a common catalog. Interfaces are versioned and are downward compatible, which ensures the long-term compatibility of your applications. Open interfaces also facilitate the migration of your existing workloads and applications into the cloud and allow for the reuse of existing tools.

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