We build and configure servers ourselves

Hardware - data center baner s

Like all large providers of cloud solutions, we build and configure everything that goes into the server rooms. We optimize and customize solutions to adapt them to a specific application. This approach guarantees independence, understanding of the operation, and the best efficiency of customer services.

Our engineers have built thousands of servers and multi-terabyte data storage solutions. With the scale of our operation, the failure of a single component is an element of a constantly statistically monitored process. The construction of the first 1 PB storage was a challenge for us and required solving many difficulties, the construction of the tenth was already a repeatable, fully controlled, and monitored process in which changes occurred in a predictable manner.

Hardware - service
Cooperation with manufacturers who guarantee the highest efficiency

We work closely with manufacturers of critical server components, network devices, and data storage solutions. Accurate testing and communication with the manufacturer are one of the pillars of stable and efficient services as well as continuous improvement. We test many solutions at an early stage of entering the market, which allows us to select the best components and solutions at the beginning stages.

Hardware - 004 cloud
Very large scale of operation

We are the largest public cloud provider in Poland. We have a very large machine park, a warehouse of spare components, and unique methods of assembling and testing the infrastructure. Our size is a guarantee of stability, compliance with the SLA, and flexibility in the solutions offered.

Hardware -
Own service ensuring full control over the entire process

The possibility to solve independently the problems encountered and the lack of dependence on external suppliers provides us with complete control over the repair process, the ability to adjust the solution, and the moment of its application in line with our clients' expectations. Our service is on duty around the clock every day and allows us to replace each component within 4 hours or deliver a new server much faster than any other manufacturer.

Hardware - consciousness
Conscious, eco-friendly solutions

We choose our solutions with great care for the environment. We thrive for low power consumption, the very good energy efficiency of power supplies. Where possible, we use parts with reduced power consumption, and we build servers that can operate at higher temperatures. We also try not to replace the equipment unless it is necessary, we continuously monitor the operation of components and only a significantly increased failure rate is a signal for us to buy new equipment. Thanks to such solutions, we do not only reduce electricity consumption, but also the production of harmful industrial waste.

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