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Process tasks in distributed infrastructure powered by renewable energy  

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Green Edge Processing (GEP) - is a research project by CloudFerro that aims to develop an innovative technology for managing and distributing tasks in distributed server infrastructure powered by renewable energy sources.

Green Edge Processing project assumptions

The innovative technology will be used to distribute the tasks of stateless processing among the elements of distributed infrastructure, using containerized micro-server rooms located at renewable energy sources, i.e. wind farms, photovoltaic, and thus using locally produced electricity.

Project implementation

The technology being developed will optimize the use of energy (in terms of the type of source and price), optimize the time and cost of task execution and the load on all system components enable flexible adaptation of infrastructure operation to the characteristics of the stream of tasks to be executed. The aim of the project is to develop a technology of task execution management in a distributed cloud infrastructure.

By deploying container micro-server rooms directly next to renewable energy sources, it is possible to provide the same level of service as a centralized solution, while it will be possible to flexibly manage both the server infrastructure and the energy used.
The competitive advantage of the proposed solution will be the ability to use locally produced low-cost and green energy from renewable sources and increased rationality of the use of containerized data center infrastructure and server infrastructure. An additional advantage will be reducing the load and increasing the efficiency of energy use of the transmission network.

  • Use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • Reduction of cloud infrastructure emissions
  • Reduction of cloud infrastructure emissions
  • Increasing the efficiency of electricity use

Project schedule and sources of funding

  • Budget: PLN 8,266,216.76
  • Funding level: 60%
  • Project start and completion date: September 2021 - November 2023 
  • Source of funding: Project financed by EU funds under the European Regional Development Fund, Measure No. 1.1 "Enterprise R&D Projects", Competition 1/1.1.1/2021 - Fast Track, Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Grant Agreement Number POIR.01.01.01-00-0837/21-00
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