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Public cloud with Earth observation data

Public cloud computing with an integrated satellite data repository for public administration, science and business.

CREODIAS is a public cloud with an integrated repository of satellite images, equipped with a range of applications allowing users to search, view, and process satellite products. The architecture of the environment gives users access to diverse remote sensing data and computing resources to process them, ensuring simplicity, scalability, and repeatability of production processes and chains.

CloudFerro operates and develops the CREODIAS platform on behalf of the European Space Agency, as part of the Copernicus program managed by the European Commission. CREODIAS is one of the European DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) platforms, aimed at facilitating access to satellite data and ensuring the possibility of its processing in the cloud, as well as the creation of its own applications and services.

The main assumption of the CREODIAS platform is to reduce the technological and financial requirements faced by all entities - public administration, science, and business - interested in using satellite data in their products and services. The environment combining free Copernicus satellite data, complemented by very high resolution (VHR) imagery, competitively priced cloud computing infrastructure and convenient user tools, allows remote sensing data or its derivatives to be incorporated into production chains at a fraction of the previous cost.

The platform already has over 20,000 registered users from Europe and all over the world.

The most important benefits:

Large EODATA collection

Access to largest EO data collection available online and locally from cloud.


Browser for easy discovery, visualize, download and analyze

Rich interfaces and API

Intuitive user tools for searching and processing EODATA along with API access

Tools & applications

Clear access to set of tools and applications for the processing of vast amounts of Earth Observation data.

Open Data Space

The Data Space is open for third-parties who would like to contribute with a new dataset, algorithm/processor or a service on commercial or open-source conditions.

Commercial services

Additional services on commercial basis (e.g. on CREODIAS)

Check CREODIAS platform for your research and commercial projects.


Satellite data

Earth observation data stored on the CREODIAS platform is open, public, and free. The repository has over 30 petabytes of data and grows by over 20 terabytes a day.

The collection of satellite data in the CREODIAS environment includes most of the available products from the Sentinel family: Sentinel-1A & Sentinel-1B, Sentinel-2A & Sentinel-2B, Sentinel-3A & Sentinel-3B, Sentinel-5P. Additionally, the historical archives of LANDSAT 5, 7, and 8, ENVISAT, and SMOS are available. There are also collections of specialized Copernicus services - Atmosphere, Marine, Land Areas, Climate Change, Security, and Crisis Management.

The free Copernicus data is complemented by commercial very high resolution (VHR) imagery, which is suitable for projects that require very high accuracy. These are multispectral, night and radar images, and come from different VHR providers.

View available free Copernicus data collections and commercial VHR data collections.

Rich access interfaces

Users can access the satellite data repository in several ways, including the S3 object interface, NFS file interface, zipped download, WMS / WMTS, and using the REST API or POSIX access technology. Check data access details.

CREODIAS users can process data directly from the repository, without the need for time-consuming downloading to their own environment. Access to data is fast and efficient - our tests have shown the ability to download up to 2 PB of data per day.

CREODIAS platform homepage

Cloud computing

CREODIAS offers cloud computing services for satellite data processing: compute, storage, backup, data-related services, virtual networks, security, and others. The cloud infrastructure operating for the CREODIAS uses the OpenStack software, whose architecture consists of many interacting modules responsible for controlling processor resources, memory, and network infrastructure.

Users can manage their resources through the Horizon portal with graphical support or through the REST web interface. Infrastructure and services have been optimized for processing and working with satellite data. Optimization also regards the operation of external applications.

View available cloud computing services on CREODIAS.

Prices and financing options

Cloud infrastructure is available in several billing models:

  •    pay per use (per hour)
  •    fixed term (long term contracts)
  •    revenue sharing

We provide free credits for testing the platform, discounts for science, various , in particular full funding for cloud services for science from project.

Check the price list of cloud computing services on CREODIAS.

Check CREODIAS platform

We offer free credits for cloud computing resources


User tools

Thanks to the applications developed by CloudFerro, which are milestones in the search and selection of earth observation (EO) products, the user can incorporate data into his production process faster and more efficiently. These apps include:



home page of the environment, combining account management with a knowledge base, communication channels and customer service support:



a graphic service in the OpenStack technology that allows you to manage your resources



advanced search engine for earth observation products, offering graphical interface and API: CREODIAS Finder



a simplified tool for visualizing satellite images at different processing levels. It allows searching using SPRAQL and semantic search: CREODIAS Browser



on-line computing environment, accessible from a web browser, satellite data repository available to registered users at no extra charge, support for many programming languages

Possibility to create own services

CREODIAS users have the possibility to develop their own applications and services and share them on the platform. These external applications complement the functionality of the CREODIAS environment. If the requirements of other users are unusual and complicated, they can use the functionalities provided by such services. Check third party catalog on CREODIAS.

EO data

repository and catalogue

  • Public collections
  • Cache
  • Private collections
  • Data search OCS / OpenSearch / SPARQL
  • Data access - NFS / S3 / http / OGC WMS / WMTS / WCS

Cloud Services


  • Compute
  • EO data processing
  • Virtual Network
  • Object Storage / Block Storage
  • Backup

User Tools

for easier management and processing

  • CREODIAS Browser
  • CREODIAS Finder
  • CREODIAS portal cloud dashboard
  • CREODIAS Jupyter
  • Notebooks
  • Third party apps

Customer support

The group of experienced support specialists is ready to respond to any questions and requests of our customers. We support cloud environments, satellite products, and various satellite data applications. We help initialize the users' cloud environment in our infrastructure.

Learn more about our customer services.

Visit CREODIAS platform, check satellite data collections, cloud resources for its processing and possibility to build your own applications.

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